The Importance of Setting a Specific Intention for Your Business

The Importance of Setting a Specific Intention for Your Business

All businesses start with an intention.

Unfortunately, you can’t undo an intention once it has been set in motion.

And over the course of months and years, layers are added on top.

If your business is not going how, you thought it would, it’s because there’s no alignment between the intention you originally set, and the intention you hold now.

Which isn’t to say your current intention is wrong. It is almost certainly an expanded view of your original intention.

But to change the intention of the business after the fact, you’d need to rip up the foundations. And that’s easier said than done. It would almost be easier to start from scratch.

Be mindful of the intention you set. People often choose vague, ambiguous, murky intentions for their businesses and are later disappointed that it’s not doing what they hoped it would.

“Helping single moms” is usually too vague. You will help single moms, often at your own expense.

“Helping single moms while contributing and receiving value.” Better, though not perfect. You will help single moms, and value will be exchanged, but your resources will appear to disappear quickly, especially without a clear strategy. You’ll also end up helping in a variety of ways you never planned for.

Keep homing in on an intention that matches the outcome you want to create.

Admit Your Desires

Admit Your Desires

It can take a long time to understand yourself.

It so often happens that we’re born into situations where embracing our true desires would mean betraying the wishes of loved ones and the values held dearly by them.

Think of the recent satirical biopic – Weird: The Al Yankovic Story. The film is only loosely based on Al’s life story, but it features a trope we all know so well. A young Al discovers his passion for the accordion but must keep it a secret from his father. Of course, he is later discovered, and his father smashes Al’s accordion to pieces.

It’s a trope for a reason. Plenty of people have this experience or something like it.

Ironically, areas where we’re wounded most often hold the key to our desires and identify. We would not be hurt over something that did not matter to us. It’s because it matters so deeply to us that we are so vulnerable to anything opposing or attacking our desires.

The prevailing statement I’ve heard from my friends is “I thought there was something wrong with me.”

I felt the same way. In my 20s, I valued my autonomy and freedom so much that when presented with a possible job opportunity, I would take months thinking about it before ever acting on it. And by that time, it was usually too late.

As it turns out, I’ve always valued autonomy and freedom, to the point where most decisions I make are in total alignment with this value.

When we’re out of alignment with our desires, we only hold ourselves apart from what we want. We may experience a personal hell of sorts, because we try to change, or conform, or become more of what we deem acceptable by family, friends, and society at large, all the while sacrificing the essence of who we are.

You’ve got to admit to your desires. The universe is already moving that way. When you start moving that way, too, you experience flow. So much time spent not getting what we want is simply us holding ourselves apart from what we want, because we’re not willing to admit our desires.

There Are No Secrets

There Are No Secrets

So, I sometimes say things in conversation that people resonate with.

That might be a bit of an understatement. What they usually say is:

“You need to write an article about that!”


“Have you written an article about that?”

Well, there are too many moments like that to count. So, capturing the idea, in text or audio form, as quickly as possible, has become the standard procedure here.

The following audio/video is much more powerful in context of the conversation that was being had. But it still encapsulates something critical – that there aren’t necessarily more secrets to learn, only more challenges to rise to.

When the universe sees us rising to those challenges instead of resisting them, it can bring us to the next part of our journey. And that can take a long time to learn, but it’s worth it.

Recognize that the universe is always on your side, taking you on the shortest, most direct path to what you want. The only thing the universe didn’t promise is that the path would somehow be easy.


The thing that we often do that’s not true is that “oh, there’s a secret, and then there’s a secret behind the secret.” It’s not that.

Just feel good now. Feel as good as you possibly can. Every experience should be pleasurable, and fun, and enjoyable. And then you know you’re in alignment with your purpose, your identity, your person – everything you were meant to do in this world and the difference you were meant to make.

When every experience is pleasurable, like Christmas eve and you know there’s going to be presents the next morning. Then you know you are perfectly in alignment with you.

This doesn’t mean there aren’t uncomfortable experiences. It doesn’t mean there aren’t challenges to rise to. In fact, those challenges are just letting you know that that’s what’s next. That’s what you’ve got to do now.

The universe is so good at letting you know, “Hey, this is what’s next. It’s uncomfortable. It doesn’t feel good right now. If you just jump over this hurdle though, massive breakthrough lies on the other side.”

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