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Each week, on Sunday, I spend time planning for the week ahead.

As creatives and creators, we’ve always got a lot on the go, and as I continue to engage in these planning sessions, I’ve become even more present to the fact that it’s best to be on top of everything that’s coming up in your week.

Here’s what I went over this week and what came out of it.


I call this “minutes,” but it’s just a list of items covered during the planning session. I care more about the fact that I have a solid big picture view of what’s coming this week rather than how much time was dedicated to each item.

Here’s what I went over today:

  • I reviewed the last two #StrategySunday sessions – January 3 and January 10.
  • I went over my content responsibilities for the week.
  • I reviewed my musical responsibilities for the week (I recorded a new song and have the opportunity to distribute it).
  • I went over the products that are nearing completion.
  • I listed and reviewed my admin duties for the week.
  • I speculated on self-care for the week.


Was there anything interesting that came out of this week’s reflection and planning session?

  • For the most part, I find I am on track. Sleep has been gradually improving. I’ve been productive work wise. But I didn’t have as much energy this past week as I hoped I would. And that means that while I accomplished much, I didn’t quite fulfill on everything I’d planned. Although not a new lesson, what I can clearly see is there is work that energizes me and work that devitalizes me. That’s an area worthy of more speculation.
  • Most days, I was able to finish my work somewhere around 4 to 6 PM, even if I had a bit of a late start. Having a reason to finish early is generally motivating, and it prevents work from expanding to fill the entire day.


Were there any ideas that came out of this week’s session?

  • Seeing as how I was able to write and record a song in about four hours on Saturday, it alerted me to the fact that I could be pumping out considerably more music.

Final Thoughts

So, that’s what came out of this week’s #StrategySunday.

If you need more inspiration, be sure to refer to the weekly digest.

Thanks for joining me. See you again tomorrow.

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