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It’s time for another #StrategySunday session.

Each week, I spend time planning for my week on a Sunday. Right now, it’s a decision I don’t make. In the future, it could change, but it has been working for me for over a month at this point.

Here’s what my planning session looked like today (you’ll notice it looks a little different than last week’s, but I share more about that at the end).


I call this “minutes,” but it’s just a list of items covered during the planning session. I care more about the fact that I have a solid big picture view of what’s coming this week rather than how much time I gave it.

Here’s what I went over today:

  • I reviewed last week’s #StrategySunday session.
  • I went over my to-do list and prioritized items I wish to complete this week.
  • I reviewed my blog post ideas and brainstormed a few more. I now have a parking lot of ideas and can pick and choose based on how the spirit moves (some ideas may never see the light of day).


Was there anything interesting that came out of this week’s reflection and planning session?

  • I’ve discovered the value in morning thinking sessions, or a certain something Perry Marshall calls “Renaissance time.” The busier the day or week, the greater the value there is in making this a part of your routine.
  • Plans do fall apart. Whether it’s family or personal matters, things can change in a New York minute. But as I’ve said before, practicing flexibility rather than rigidity is wise.
  • I’m beginning to see more traction with talking to creatives and creators (more broadly) in a matter of a few weeks than I ever did focusing on the more defined niche of music entrepreneurship for seven years or more. Odd but encouraging.
  • The eight-hour workday is a myth. You can do maybe four to six hours of true productive work in a day. Just don’t tell your clients. They don’t like it when you don’t toil over things as they do. Your personal productivity should be kept private.


Were there any ideas that came out of this week’s session?

  • Numerous blog post ideas were brainstormed, giving me more options for this week’s posts.
  • “You are now a curator of Music Entrepreneur HQ.” That’s what I heard from Spirit this past week. What this means or exactly what it looks like is still up for debate. I speculated on possibilities yesterday, but it could very well mean that my priorities could change significantly in 2021, especially based on the traction I’m now starting to see on Medium and Twitter.
  • I’ve been giving more thought to inventing terms, as Seth Godin suggests. I can see the value in this, especially as applied to blogging and SEO. I don’t have any concrete ideas yet, but I have brainstormed several blog post ideas that pertain to my philosophies, as well as my personal approach to work and life.

Final Thoughts

This week’s #StrategySunday was necessarily different.

First, it was more condensed than usual.

Second, I recognized that there were a couple of projects that have gone untouched for a while, so I wanted to look at how I could prioritize those this week.

Third, some personal family matters came up this past week, so that threw me off a bit. My sleep suffered too.

But the point of this isn’t to do it perfectly. It’s to do it. And tomorrow, I can further refine my plan for the week, as I’ve begun to see the value in morning thinking sessions.

Anyway, I’ve said enough for now, but if you’re looking for more inspiration, you can always scan the weekly digest.

See you back here tomorrow. Same bat time, same bat channel.

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