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After today, there’s only one Sunday left this month. Crazy, right?

February seems to have gone by rather quickly. But it has been enjoyable for me. I hope you’ve been well, too.

My prayers are with my friends in Texas and everything you have had to go through with during these tumultuous times.

That said, let’s get into today’s #StrategySunday planning session.


Here is what I went over during this planning session:

  • I went over my content duties for the week. I’m spending a little more time over at Odysee, so I made note of it in my minutes as well. Right now, I’m just uploading legacy content, and I won’t be running out for quite a while, but if I do, I might start making a lot more videos.
  • I reviewed which projects still need my attention – especially those that need to be completed by the end of the month.
  • I went over what I’m looking to accomplish in the realm of music.
  • I explored what I could do to maximize sales from my new course.
  • I reviewed my admin tasks for the week.


Was there anything that come out of this week’s reflection and planning session?

  • You can’t count on a huge influx of sales the moment you release a new product. I’ve accepted that iterating will be critical to my new course’s success. And my next step is to create a new lead magnet and maybe even a small-scale funnel leading up to the course. The mention of the course seems to have boosted book sales (The Essential Guide to Music Entrepreneurship) but hasn’t done much for the course itself.
  • I need a better system for getting through emails. I admit they aren’t high priority for me, and unless I’m excited about opening them, I tend not to, and they sit in my inbox for a week or two. But I can see some value coming out of this communication, and there are some deals waiting to be cut. I’m trying to think of it like Gene Simmons would, because my tendency has been to think of it as Tim Ferriss would (almost all communication isn’t urgent).
  • In December, I began forming a Medium strategy, and I chose five topics to write on (under the umbrella of my mission – to inspire creatives and creators). Having said that, at times I have bent or stretched the definition of those categories. On Monday through Wednesday, I’m publishing on entrepreneurship, self-improvement, and productivity. And I generally stick to that plan. But on Thursday and Friday, I’m publishing on creativity and inspiration. So, I have never felt the pressure of having to remain within tightly confined boundaries. Turns out there is some benefit to publishing a little more widely. This past Friday, I shared about design and that ended up connecting me to new publications on Medium. Go figure! It pays to explore different topics, and I continue to see traction with it, so no doubt I will keep experimenting with boundary stretching topics. I’m excited to see my writing connecting with more people.


Were there any ideas that came out of this week’s session?

  • None! Ideas aren’t meant to be forced, and regardless of whether I had any flights of fancy, this has been a solid #StrategySunday session.

Final Thoughts

Thanks for joining me, champ!

If you need more inspiration, refer to yesterday’s weekly digest.

That’s it for this week’s #StrategySunday. Wishing you the best of weeks!

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