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It’s time for another #StrategySunday planning session where I reveal what I’m working on, how I’m planning for it, and the lessons I’m learning along the way.

I did not get the best start to the day, as I slept poorly and woke up to nightmares. But once I got up and saw that it was another beautiful rainy day outside (yes, I know some would object), and the beautiful mountains were capped with snow, my mood started improving.

After a much-needed trip to the grocery store, a tiny bit of caffeine (not too much, mind – that got me into trouble earlier this year), and a kombucha later, I began my planning session. Here’s what went down today.


I call this “minutes,” but as per usual, I could care less how much time was spent on each item, assuming it had been accounted for and thought through.

So, this is just a bulleted list of the items I covered today:

  • I reviewed my content and publishing duties for Music Entrepreneur HQ, DavidAndrewWiebe.com, and Music Industry How To. I brainstormed content ideas if there were any gaps in the schedule.
  • I asked myself why blogging was important to me and came up with a big list of reasons to keep publishing daily – inspiring creatives and creators, building an audience, documenting my journey, building awareness for my projects, making more friends, and more.
  • I’ve made some significant changes to DavidAndrewWiebe.com recently and took some time to think about what else to add or remove to make it more valuable.
  • I asked myself why another week has gone by without any progress on products and other high priority projects. I outed all my excuses.
  • I strategized on how I could better approach the high priority tasks in my work life. And I concluded that they needed to be set above website related changes and updates. I also speculated on the possibility of working ahead in my weekly publishing efforts.
  • I made of list of the other priorities in my life and realized I had quite a bit to process. I discovered that working on a performance video is one of top things I need to make time for this week.


Was there anything interesting that came out of this week’s reflection and planning session?

  • I identified more benefits to publishing daily and blogging in general than I thought I would.
  • I recognized that I was probably spending too much time on things that probably weren’t going to move the needle on the outcomes I’m looking to produce. So, if I utilize that time well, I can make more progress on products and high priority tasks. And as with anything important, part of it is just overcoming fear.


Were there any ideas that came out of this week’s session?

  • I was thinking about what video to make next for Music Entrepreneur HQ, when I realized there’s still plenty of opportunity to make videos based on top performing blog posts.

Final Thoughts

The planning session itself was great. But it left me feeling like I might need to get a bit of a head start on some of the work I need to do this week. So, it’s entirely possible I will be spending a little more time at the laptop today.

Either way, for me, it’s time for lunch.

Did you enjoy this? Did you get something out of it? What are you up to this week?

Leave a comment below to let me know!

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