#StrategySunday – April 25, 2021

by | Apr 25, 2021 | News

Welcome to another #StrategySunday, champ!

I hope you had a great week. Although it was getting to be a bit of a grind for me, there were some key discoveries that helped me see things from a new perspective. So, I’m excited about the week ahead.

Here’s this week’s #StrategySunday breakdown.


Here is what I went over during this planning session:

  • I began by planning out Music Entrepreneur HQ Monday where I focus exclusively on Music Entrepreneur HQ and push as many updates and changes as possible in one day.
  • I went over my content responsibilities for the week. I’ve got some big pieces to work on.
  • I reviewed my admin duties. I’ve got a few extra things to look at this week.
  • I went over my project queue.
  • I reviewed current musical projects. Making good progress with a song arrangement I’m developing.


Was there anything that came out of this week’s reflection and planning session?

  • Focus on process, not on outcomes. Make something great and get lost in the creation of it. Refuse to play the comparison game, and don’t focus on the money. The inordinate focus on money has you cutting corners, launching products before they are ready, and making promises you can’t keep.
  • You are not required to identify with your thoughts. You can simply be aware of your thoughts, observe, and acknowledge them. When you separate your identity from your thoughts, you can begin to break harmful patterns.


Were there any ideas that came out of this week’s session?

  • Begin creating videos that can apply to any audience that’s interested in my work – musicians, creatives, creators, freelancers, and entrepreneurs. Then, break these videos down into micro content I can share all over.

Final Thoughts

Thanks for joining me, champ!

If you need more inspiration, refer to yesterday’s weekly digest.

That’s it for this week’s #StrategySunday. Wishing you the best of weeks!

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