Stop Virtue Signaling Perseverance

by | May 6, 2021 | Uncategorized

You can’t just get started. You’ve got to stay started.

And once you’ve gotten into the habit of staying started, what comes next is perseverance, because, inevitably, you will encounter adversity on the journey to achieving your goals.

But as I’ve said so many times before, you also can’t just keep doing the same thing expecting different results. When something doesn’t work, you’ve got to be ready to pivot.

Managed to take your follower count on Twitter from 10 to 11 in 10 years? Might be time to move on…

Realize that there are many paths to your goal – not just one. And while the journey may not look like you thought it would, and it may not come wrapped in frilly pink ribbons and cream-colored ketchup-stained doily cloths, adjustment is par for the course. You’ve got to be able to monitor the feedback you’re receiving, and course correct in the direction of the openings and clearings you see – the opportunities that keep crossing your path.

I’ve been told before, by my mastermind group, that I’ve got all the pieces in place, I just need to organize them in a logical order that resonate with my audience, to bring them to the point of becoming a subscriber or buyer.

But more the point…

That bit of context is essential for anyone virtue signaling perseverance and calling it the silver bullet that brought Jimmy Hoffa out of hiding and rose Christ from the grave.

Congratulations, I’m so glad that perseverance paid off for you. And how long did that take again? Oh, right – six months, because that’s the microwaved success everyone and their dog is barking about these days. Golly gee, may I bow at your precious, delicate feet for more useless unsolicited advice and farts that smell like chemically fresh Febreze? Oh, joy!

Because we all know how long Pop-Tart success lasts. Oh wait…

If you have time enough to brag about your successes on Medium, perhaps show some compassion, take some interest in promising developing writers, and work one on one with the laggards who’ve worked doubly harder than you have, and have persevered for 10x the time you have, but for some reason don’t have the results you promised oh so long ago in your cut and paste webinar to course sales funnel.

Let us garner from your posts the infallible wisdom you’re supposed to be dispensing from your ergonomic wireless keyboard. Oh, how I worship and praise your earning reports declaring $6,000 per month. What shall I do, master? What am I doing wrong? How can I follow in your footsteps? Do enlighten me!

Shall I write more often?

(I publish at least once per day.)

Shall I write better quality content?

(I’ve ghostwritten countless pieces for Entrepreneur and HuffPost contributors.)

Shall I talk about what I’ve learned and who I’ve learned it from?

(I promise I’ve been more rigorous in linking to my sources than you have.)

That’s working. I earned a whole $10 from Medium last month. Clearly, I should do more of that!

Or maybe I should just brag about all my accomplishments for “social proof” as you do?

Maybe it’s time to stop shilling for the couch to TV dream, and start telling the truth about your unglamorous, snake oils life. Oh, I know you never have a bad day. It’s all champagne waterfalls and bathtubs made of gold for you. Gouge out my toenails with a dull pickle already.

I’ve worked my butt off already, thank you very much. So, while I hate to throw this back in your face, you’ve earned it – write something of value and piss off.

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