Stephen Glicken of Project Admission Shares How He is Bringing Cohesion Back to Ticketing & Events

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As a concertgoer, have you ever wondered how secure concert tickets are?

As a marketer, do you wish tickets could be tied to an individual, so that you could

No doubt there are plenty of challenges connected to ticketing these days. That’s what Project Admission is out to solve.

In this The Music Entrepreneur HQ exclusive, co-founder and CEO of Project Admission shares how they’re looking to change the world of tickets.

1. Tell us about who you are and what you do.

I am the co-founder and CEO of Project Admission, a Nashville-based ticketing technology company for the live events space. Before this new venture, I worked in the music industry for over a decade doing everything from audio engineering to direct-to-fan ticketing.

2. What is Project Admission? How does it help artists and fans?

Project Admission is reimagining the way we buy, sell and distribute tickets. Our technology tracks a ticket through its lifecycle – from when it is released to when it is redeemed.

This helps artists and their teams by providing greater insight into the fans that are actually at the show which benefits marketing, sponsorship and security. For fans, they’re protected from fraud and guaranteed the legitimacy of a ticket.

3. What are the biggest problems associated with ticketing systems today?

One of the biggest shortcomings in ticketing today is the barcode system: a ticket that you buy online has a barcode that isn’t tied to an individual and can be easily duplicated.

Our technology ties a ticket to a fan almost like an airline boarding pass — more a license for entry rather than a commodity that can be bought and sold at will without identity being tied to those transactions.

If they want to sell or give their ticket away, they simply transfer the ownership. This encryption helps venues know who is filling the seats, as it assigns a name to a seat instead of a barcode.

4. Why do 40% of tickets go unused? How are you looking to solve that problem? 

Oftentimes, fans don’t buy a ticket to an event simply because they didn’t know about it. We realized that marketers — whether representing the promoter, venue or artist — only knew a small fraction of the people attending the shows and buy tickets because ticket ownership was so ambiguous.

Our platform can provide data that ultimately helps fans discover more events they will love.

5. Is there anything else you want our readers to know?

One hears a lot about disruption in music and tech. That’s not us. Quite the opposite, actually. We’re looking to bring more cohesion to a fragmented landscape, which is why we’ve focused so heavily on creating a platform that can easily integrate and work with existing ticketing companies, promoters, festivals, venues and artists.

For us, it’s about providing support while helping drive revenue with the lightest touch possible. 

Final Thoughts

A ticketing system that benefits all involved – fans, marketers, security, organizers and more. That’s what Project Admission seems to be all about.

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