Spending More Time in Your Genius Zone as a Musician

by | Nov 9, 2021 | Uncategorized

If you’re anything like me, you’ve learned to do a lot of things well.

And that’s not a bad thing. We hear a lot about focus out there, and focus is a great tool for specific situations, but as with all tools, it can be quite overrated in others.

Still, even with all the experience you’ve gained, there are some things you do disproportionately better than others.

If you’ve never sat down to identify what those things are, I would encourage you to reflect.

I would posit that it’s probably in the domains of songwriting, composing, playing an instrument, singing, making beats, producing music, or something related to these disciplines, but I have been known to be wrong at times.

If you could spend more time doing whatever it is that you do best, you’d enjoy yourself more, and chances are, you’d produce better results in your career too.

Oftentimes, life doesn’t just bow to our will and deliver our order on a silver platter though, does it? And what I mean by that is that you’ve got your genius zone, the thing you do disproportionately better than just about anything else, and realistically, there’s only so much time or effort you can dedicate to it. For most people, evenings and weekends are all they get, and that’s if they’re lucky.

So, sometimes, we need to bend reality to our will.

This guide? Not a possibility unless I insisted on writing every Monday. The only reason it gets done is because I prioritize it. If I let the urgent take over, I wouldn’t make progress.

And that’s what I mean by “bending reality to your will.” Reality dictates that you’ve got to go to work, and you’ve got bills to pay. Reality dictates that your work probably takes up the biggest part of your day and requires most of your expendable energy.

But at the risk of sounding callous, we all have the same 24 hours in a day. So, if we want to progress in areas that matter to us, sometimes we will need to insist on it.

If we want to progress in areas that matter to us, sometimes we will need to insist on it. Share on X

“In an ideal world…”

Finish that sentence.

In an ideal world, you would have a band and a team, and your band members would be handling things you’re not good at and don’t enjoy, while your team works around the clock to book gigs, arrange logistics, and negotiate deals on your behalf.

I’ve lived in “in an ideal world…” thinking for a long time, and the thing is, life just keeps happening. I just keep wishing, hoping, and praying for the day all circumstances and conditions are perfect. It never happens.

Bend reality to your will. Make time for what matters. Do work in your genius zone because you want to, because you love to, because you can’t imagine doing anything else (not because you must, you’re obligated to, or because it’s a duty). Keep following your own path. And if your head and heart are in alignment, you will eventually live in that “ideal” world. But don’t wait for it to show up. Start creating it, even if it’s just an hour per week.