Speculating on Possibilities in Your Music Career

by | Oct 19, 2021 | Uncategorized

I know I’ve talked a lot about language, but this is another area where I feel like it has made a real difference for me.

What I’ve discovered is that “brainstorming” is weak compared to “speculating on possibilities.”

I remember a meeting I had with a team member only a few weeks ago. We were discussing the products we were planning to build out. When suddenly, the doors blew wide open on the conversation, all because we were speculating on possibilities.

“I’m seeing something! So, why don’t you create a new version of this product, I’ll help you create the ads, you have the technology to create an affiliate program, so we’ll develop an income opportunity, create an affiliate army, and soon the whole thing will be self-sustaining!”

Now, I wasn’t just excited about the new possibility. From that day forward, it became mission critical for me to focus on the work that would lead to those outcomes. Clarity and inspiration were present.

Now, these sudden realizations and new possibilities didn’t just bubble to the surface all on their own. If I wasn’t in conversation with my team, and if I wasn’t willing to include them in the conversation and speculate on possibilities, it wouldn’t have happened at all.

And the very guide you’re reading? This would not exist had we not reached those conclusions on that day.

There are going to be many opportunities to speculate on possibilities in your music career. Life is full of them.

So, start building this muscle. Next time you’re stuck, or you’re looking for alternatives, or you want to find other approaches, speculate on possibilities with your band or team.

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