So, Who Are You Anyway?

by | Feb 23, 2021 | Personal Development

I appreciate your interest!

Hey, I’m David Andrew Wiebe.

This is going to be redundant to some, but so long as there are curious and confused souls, I’ll happily answer this question.

I’m the founder and CEO of Music Entrepreneur HQ and Content Marketing Musician. I’m the best-selling author of five books, and host of The New Music Industry Podcast. I have been coaching and training musicians and music entrepreneurs since 2009.

I’m also the co-founder of The Indie YYC community, and I have a music career spanning over two decades.

I’ve had the opportunity to do a lot of cool things on this journey. That said, I’m not famous, I’m not a household name, I’m not even internet famous…

To be fair, though, hundreds of people have purchased my books (like I said, I’m a best-selling author), and over 1,500+ people download my podcast monthly.

So, if you and I somehow got connected, if my social media posts appear in your feed, if you receive my emails, consider that it’s not by accident, because I don’t. You and I got connected for a reason.

It’s entirely possible that we’ve met at some point and you’ve forgotten about me. Or you don’t necessarily know me for some of the things I do. Or you just came across one of my articles. Like I said, I’ve been at this for many years, and I have had to course correct many times too.

That said, the core of what I do hasn’t changed one iota. If anything, it has gone through some serious refining.

My umbrella mission that trumps all others is to inspire creatives and creators. All projects and initiatives I’ve taken on fall comfortably under that umbrella.

Whether you’ve Googled me, stumbled upon my content, or got connected with me years ago, consider that you’re here to work with me in some capacity.

Maybe you’re here to get inspired by a blog post or podcast episode

Maybe you’re here to join my email list

Maybe you’re here to join a creative community and find opportunities you can tap into…

It could be that you’re here to pick up one of my books

And there’s always the chance that you’re here to hire me or buy one of my products.

I don’t know for sure. But I do know that you’ll find your way if you do a little more digging.

I’ve said enough. Now I’d like to showcase some recent tweets. Here are some kind words others have said about me and my work:








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