Show the World What You’re About as an Artist

by | Nov 20, 2021 | Uncategorized

In a recent interview with Mindvalley’s CEO Vishen Lakhiani, entrepreneur Marie Forleo revealed that she didn’t find success until she found a way to express her various passions and interests.

(Marie Forleo, by the way, is someone I would describe as the ideal woman – beautiful, ambitious, passionate, and fun.)

This flies in the face of what I said earlier about finding your niche. But creative minds can accept contradicting principles. So, just go with it.

Anyway, what Forleo said was a bit of an “aha” moment for me. I’ve served various artists through the years with Music Entrepreneur HQ, no doubt, but in the mix of people I’ve had the opportunity to help are also executives, professors, entrepreneurs, and more.

Music is just one facet of me, even though my involvement has been extensive (performance, songwriting, composing, producing, teaching, and more) and in a way, it’s become terribly narrow and over-focused. I’ve outgrown it.

I’ve spent just as much time honing my skills in marketing, entrepreneurship, writing, podcasting, communication, artwork, web and graphic design, and personal development.

And in terms of interests? Forget about it. I have a passion for food, travel, comedy, Japan, video games, movies, and even politics, which was a recent discovery. Honestly, I could go on…

So, when will these various passions and interests find their expression? Beginning now. Because you don’t get all of David Andrew Wiebe when music is the only topic of conversation. And that’s not fair to me or to you.

I will continue to use Music Entrepreneur HQ as my stomping grounds. But who knows how it will evolve moving forward? Maybe I will use David Andrew, which I’ve put a lot more time and effort into building out in the last two years. Maybe it will be something else.

I don’t think Music Entrepreneur HQ is going anywhere. It’s still going to be a big part of my hustle.

But I want my various passions and strengths to find their expression. And maybe success as I’ve imagined isn’t possible until I do just that…

How will you express your various passions?