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99 Days to Amassing Your Personal Wealth

Shovel Snow

If you live in one of the colder parts of the world, you won’t really have the opportunity to mow lawns that often. However, winter does provide you with a different kind of opportunity; it’s called shoveling snow.

Again, this doesn’t really need to be a big operation. In essence, you could just ask a few of your neighbors if they’d like someone to clear their driveway for them and see if they’d be willing to pay for the service. Maybe you could figure out a reasonable time at night to clear it before they have to leave in the morning. Or maybe you could get up extra early to get the snow out of the way.

If you really wanted to, you could make this a bigger operation. You could start a company, hire employees, and take calls citywide (or town-wide, if you live in a town). Of course, snow shoveling and clearing is basically a seasonal business, so you would likely have to do other seasonal work during down times like mowing lawns, cleaning windows, or other things you may find in this 99 day series.

The main disadvantage of taking it in the business route is that you would have overhead. You would also develop a decent client base over time, but nothing is really guaranteed in this industry.

Shovel SnowOn the upside, I have actually found that physical work can be quite satisfying. There have been points at which I have done things around my grandpa’s farm, and I’ve also shoveled snow for my mom before. I wasn’t necessarily paid for all of that, mind you.

I have found that shoveling snow can be pretty intense physically. There may be some limitations as to how many driveways or sidewalks you could do on any given day. Then again, depending on compensation, you probably wouldn’t have to do more than a few to make a decent amount of money. You’ll probably increase your physical tolerance over time too.

Again, odd jobs offer reasonable compensation because people don’t generally want to do chores. It’s something they have to do, but not necessarily something they want to do. If they have extra money, they’ll usually be more than happy to delegate tasks they don’t want to do.

Ultimately, shoveling snow can be a pretty decent way to earn some extra change on the side. I don’t think it would necessarily make for a great business in the long term, but for an additional income source, it definitely has potential.