Setting Up My 2023 LifeSheet

by | Jan 7, 2023 | Uncategorized

Now I come to one of the most exciting activities of the New Year – setting up my LifeSheet.

In addition to looking back and reflecting on another year, I get to think about – and set into motion – what I want to create this year. Not to mention – I get to identify all the data, metrics, and information that’s going to move the needle in my life and business in 2023.

So, let’s get that LifeSheet set up!

What is a LifeSheet Again?

It’s a Google Sheets spreadsheet for documenting, storing, and tracking key data in your life and business. You can set up your LifeSheet any way you want. The main advantage of Google Sheets is that very they’re searchable.

As with Michael Hyatt’s closing the chapter on years past, I feel like I may have accidentally co-opted the idea, but that was never my intention. Thanks, and credit goes to James Schramko, who introduced me to the concept in the first place. He’s an excellent business coach and I’ve learned a great deal from him.

What I Learned from Last Year

  • Simple is better. You can create as many tabs as you want, covering off all key areas of life. But I find I don’t use most tabs regularly. It’s very much an 80/20 scenario.
  • Project deadlines are essential. Especially when leading a team. They want to know what your plan is, what you’re working on, when you plan to have a project completed by, and what their role in all of it is. Clarity takes work but it’s critical. Last year, I used my LifeSheet to lay out a timeline for four key projects (although for a variety of reasons it didn’t go as planned).
  • The “Accomplishments” tab is my go-to. I have found this to be the most worthwhile tab in my LifeSheet. It makes it easy for me to look back on a year and know exactly what I was up to and what I achieved as result.
  • I’m under-utilizing my LifeSheet. I ended up creating 15 tabs in 2022, and only referenced a few on a regular basis. I don’t have this LifeSheet thing down to a formula yet. But I think I have a better idea how I want to use it this year.

Tabs for My 2023 LifeSheet

  • 10 No B.S. Rules. I’ve added Dan Kennedy’s 10 no B.S. rules of direct marketing for non-direct marketing businesses as a constant reminder of what should be done and what should be avoided in all my marketing.
  • Accomplishments. This was an easy one. “Accomplishments” ended up being my most utilized tab in 2022, and it’s not hard to see why. First, without documentation, it’s easy to lose sight of what I’ve accomplished. Second, I get to acknowledge myself for what I’ve accomplished. Third, these records can serve as reference points for future content.
  • Podcasts. For the time being, this is little more than a catalog of the shows I’ve worked on to this point. Big picture, though, I’m thinking about adding all podcasts I’ve worked on to my website, and even starting up a couple of new shows. I’ve already declared 2023 the year of the podcast, so this is apropos. In the future, though, I may create a tab for every show I’m involved in.
  • Persona. As I dive deeper into podcasting, I am finally spending more time researching and understanding my audiences better. Perhaps one tab won’t be enough to contain all the data I intend to collect for the three or four shows I’ll be hosting or co-hosting, but for now, it will suffice.
  • Sponsors. One of the key revenue streams of podcasting is sponsorships. I don’t have any sponsors yet, so I created this as a holding space for the sponsors who will be eager to sign on.
  • Monthly Promotions. One of Dan Kennedy’s 10 no B.S. rules is “there will always be a reason to respond right now.” The easiest way to implement this, at least as I see it, is to have monthly promotions for my audience, i.e., “this offer is only available until the end of January.”
  • 4 Projects. You’ve only got 365 days in a year. Split into four, you’ve got four 90-day containers. You’d better know what four initiatives you’re going to be taking on this year, because it will be over before you know it!

Final Thoughts

In total, I set up seven tabs for 2023, and one (“10 No B.S. Rules”) will remain static throughout the entire year. The tabs are all categories I care about, and this was intentional, as I look to increase the usefulness and usage of my LifeSheet in 2023.

But there’s no denying that the LifeSheet will probably evolve throughout the year. There is other data I may find useful to document and track along the way.

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