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Now let's get back to the article.

Now is the time to set your intentions for 2021.

I see many people sitting around waiting to find out what will happen next.

The answer is “much the same” or “worse” if we leave it up to chance.

Nothing will change unless we set our intentions for the year.

I intend for more joy, more peace, and more freedom in the world in 2021.

On a personal level, I intend to launch several books, courses, and albums. I also intend to keep publishing daily.

Remember – your words create your reality. And you have more impact on the world, and more personal power to bring about change than you even know.

So, don’t skimp on this. Think big.

You can make your dreams a reality. You can make this a better world. You can impact your fans and followers.

You can make your dreams a reality. You can make this a better world. You can impact your fans and followers. Click To Tweet

But you must internalize that you create your world with language.

You create your world with language. Click To Tweet

Sitting around and waiting is hope. And hope is not a strategy. “Hope” is the most disempowering word in the English language because it means to wait for something not acted on.

You must act!

Intention Setting Process

So, take a moment and disconnect from everything.

Take a few deep breaths and clear your mind.

Now, ask yourself…

What do I intend for myself in 2021? What world do I want to create?

Take a moment and just meditate on these questions.

Then, put your intentions into language. It’s okay if it’s vague. Don’t worry about trying to get it right or being perfect. No one is grading you on this.

Finally, share that intention, even if it’s just on social media. It’s not real until you share it with others!

Your intention becomes your reality.

Your intention becomes your reality. Click To Tweet

Looking forward to creating a better world with you in 2021.

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