Sequencing is Important

by | Jul 18, 2021 | Personal Development

Yesterday, I got into a one-hour phone conversation.

I was not acquainted with my new friend, and him with me. So, we had no way of knowing there would be so much affinity between us. We didn’t know that we would be talking for an hour.

In that communication, I got to share a lot about what I’m looking to accomplish.

What I realized, as I was sharing, was just how important sequencing is.

I’ve had big goals connected to what I’d like to accomplish in the music industry.

Start a membership site. Build a studio and record label. Create a magazine. Install a music venue.

And I started to see that it would basically need to happen in that exact order (although the last two steps might be interchangeable).

Starting the membership site will create cashflow. With that cashflow, I can build a studio and record label. Once those things are in place, a magazine starts to make a lot more sense, as it would allow me to promote my various ventures – especially artists singed to the label. All these projects would begin to produce cashflow, which would allow me to build an artist-centric venue.

Not everything we encounter on our journey is exactly as it was supposed to happen. But much of it is.

We discover what we need to discover. Learn what we need to learn. Gain the skills we need to gain.

And it all leads to our desires.

But with all our desires, there is an order to things. There’s a sequence, and it’s important.

No matter how much we might want to jump from A to K, that leap simply isn’t tenable.

Which is why we must trust the path we’re on. Begin to identify the sequence. It will probably be foggy at first. It won’t make perfect sense. And on your journey to getting what you want, you will encounter challenges. At times, you may feel like quitting. But that’s a normal part of the journey, and all you need to do is keep going.

And again, notice the sequence. Things don’t work out of sequence. Ask for guidance from spirit and determine what the steps are. Trust they are taking you to the treasure at the end of the rainbow. And most importantly, revel in the journey.

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