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I did not feel that Final Fantasy VIII was the strongest installment in the series. I do like some of the characters (or at least their design), but the game itself was a bit of a mess. There were far too many tutorials early on, and they were confusing to say the least. The storyline is also full of irreconcilable plot holes. There have been some interesting theories about that, but I don’t think there’s enough evidence to support the idea that the developers were clever enough to have thought it through to that extent.

I don’t know why, but Selphie seemed like the obvious choice for my first Final Fantasy character art. She’s spunky, fun and girlish. She has a certain innocence that hasn’t been spoiled by a difficult and turbulent world.

My Selphie turned out looking a bit mischievous. Perhaps this is the look she would give Squall when she sensed the blossoming of a romance between him and Rinoa. Or, maybe, she’s about to pull a prank on Zell.

Though I did use the original character design as reference, I still made it my own. I approached the illustration in my own way. Quality wise, I like this drawing more than my Mai Shiranui drawing.

Selphie from Final Fantasy VIII