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I remember when I first started playing Final Fantasy X. It was one of the first games I played on the PlayStation 2 console, and I thought it looked absolutely beautiful. I was excited to see the stunning graphics, and it was a fun game to play, despite its many, many flaws.

The storyline was far from compelling, and you could drive a tank through the massive plot holes. The characters were fairly one dimensional and naive too, and Tidus’ insistence that this was his story was both childish and obnoxious. The sphere grid was… ultimately pointless, especially as your characters continue to level up and reach higher levels.

The battle system was quite good, and so was the music. However, like most titles in the series since FFVII, it was missing something.

Anyway, I decided to try my hand at drawing Rikku. When I first started sketching her, I wasn’t sure how this drawing was going to turn out, but ultimately I think it turned out okay.

If anything, it may have been good to use fewer lines; especially with her hair. I’m still experimenting with a variety of different drawing styles, so please go easy on me. I am sure there are many flaws.

Rikku Fan Art