Remember to Take Care of Yourself

by | Jan 28, 2020 | Video

Are you pushing yourself too hard? Do you rarely take any breaks? In this video, David reminds us to get outside, move our bodies, and do something you find enjoyable daily.


So, today, I figured I would take you on my walk. I go every single day, rain or shine. I’m in beautiful Abbotsford, and it does rain here a lot.

But this is just a reminder to make sure you get outside, connect with nature, go for a movie, get a massage, do something that’s enjoyable.

The music industry is a very hardworking industry, and we have a tendency to drive ourselves much too hard to try to get things done. I know that at the end of – sometimes at the end of – 12- or 16-hour days, I feel like I’ve accomplished absolutely nothing, and that’s just not healthy and it doesn’t actually get you closer to your goals.

So, this is just a reminder to take care of yourself, do something that’s enjoyable today.