So, you’ve decided to record a new single, EP, or album. Do you know how to navigate the journey ahead?

Recording, promoting, and selling your new release is no simple matter, and many complications can arise on that journey.

Have you ever asked yourself…


Practical & Creative

  • Is it worth making demo recordings before going into the studio?
  • How do I choose which songs to record?
  • What order should my songs go in?
  • What is the mixing and mastering process like, and how involved should I be?

Time & Cost

  • How long does it take to record and release a single, EP, or album?
  • How much does it cost to record?
  • How much does it cost to hire session musicians, and is it worth it?

Marketing & Branding

  • How do I craft an effective brand as an artist?
  • What should my album artwork look like?
  • How do I organize an effective release show?
  • How do I promote and sell the release I’ve just published?

We know there are plenty of other questions you might be asking yourself…

But don’t forget – author Goemon5 was asked to painstakingly document every step of his journey. from start to finish. From there, co-author David Andrew Wiebe takes over and breaks all the lessons down into digestible chunks while sharing his own perspective at every turn. It’s great that you have so many questions, because this valuable independent DIY music marketing resource probably has all the answers you need and more. Now, let’s learn a little more about the authors of the How to Record, Promote & Sell Your New Music Release – Single, EP, or Album eBook.

Meet the DIY Music Experts Behind the eBook


Author Goemon5 shares his experience of recording his first album from start to finish – from why he decided to record, to what the outcome of his release show was. His real-life story is painstakingly documented so the reader knows exactly what to expect as they begin taking the steps towards recording, promoting, and selling their music.

Goemon5’s first album, The Fire Within is available on all popular online music stores and streaming sites.

David Andrew Wiebe

Co-author David Andrew Wiebe dissects the key lessons Goemon5 learned and breaks them down into easily digestible bullet points. He also adds additional tips and insights to help the reader take their release from idea to reality, and offers a simple, workable plan for promoting your music on an ongoing basis to generate more exposure and sales.

Wiebe has two albums, two EPs and six singles under his belt. He’s also been a session player with the likes of The Active Light, Jonathan Ferguson, Long Jon Lev and others.


Table of Contents

Here’s what you’ll learn inside How to Record, Promote & Sell Your New Music Release Single, EP, or Album eBook.

1. Why All the Hassle?!

Why would you even want to record an album in the first place? Do you even know that’s what you’re going to be doing? In this chapter, you’ll discover a few things worth looking at before you get knee deep into your recording project.

2. How Demo Recordings Can Massively Improve Your Songs

Discover why you should make demo recordings before you head into the studio. In the industry, we call this “pre-production”, and it’s worth spending some time there before you head into the studio.

3. Which Songs Do I Want?

So, you’ve recorded you demos. But you’re not necessarily going to be making complete versions of all the songs you demoed. Now it’s time to choose what songs you’ll ultimately be polishing up in the studio.

4. Hitting the Studio

With pre-production and song selection under your belt, you’re ready to get to work in the studio. Of course, you’re going to want to choose a studio and producer/engineer that’s a good fit for you.

5. Session Musicians

How much do session musicians cost? Who should you hire? How do you get them to agree to work on your project? That’s what you’ll discover in this chapter of the eBook.

6. Visual Art and Album Design

In this chapter, you will learn how to decide on an artistic direction for your album artwork, and further develop your brand as an artist.

7. Mixing and Mastering

From rough cuts, you’ll move onto the editing, mixing and mastering process. Generally, your engineer/producer will be the one handling this, but in this section you’ll also learn whether you should be involved as an artist.

8. How to Determine the Track Sequence or Playlist of An Album

Now that you have your recordings, what order do you put them into? In this chapter, you’ll learn how to be strategic about your track sequencing.

9. The Release Concert & Calgary’s Broken Community

Should you have a release party/concert? What should you expect? In this section, Goemon5 shares his somewhat disappointing but illustrative experience booking, organizing and playing a release show.

10. Selling Your Release

Making and releasing your first album will probably be a proud moment for you. But it probably won’t be long before you end up wanting to get your music out to a larger audience. That’s what this chapter is all about.

How to Record, Promote & Sell Your New Music Release – Single, EP, or Album


How to Record, Promote & Sell Your New Music Release – Single, EP, or Album

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