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99 Days to Amassing Your Personal WealthThis might seem like a really weird tip to some of you. Others will probably know why reading books is so important to creating wealth.

The average CEO reads four to five books per month. How many books does the average employee read in a month? Very few. In fact, some statistics show that most people don’t even pick up a book outside of traditional education. Do you think there might be a reason why CEOs are CEOs?

Books contain some of the best knowledge in existence. Illiteracy is actually stealing our rights to gain the information we need to succeed in life. Is it fair? No. To a degree, the world is designed to keep us captive. The powers that be don’t necessarily want more deviants to emerge.

But let’s get beyond the blaming game and start doing something about this. You are capable of turning off the TV and your video game console just as much as the next person. You are capable of walking away from the internet for a mere 30 minutes to read a book. It’s time to take some ownership over your own life and growth.

Read More BooksThis is one of the reasons we have a book list, though we definitely need to add more titles. Books can change the way you think. They can teach you principles you need to know. They can show you how to duplicate the success of others.

I might be so bold as to say that I don’t know any successful person that doesn’t read. Even those who say they don’t read are usually hiding the fact that they have some form of training and access to information. They probably do read, to be perfectly honest.

So, what do you read? A lot of people hear that leaders are readers so they get inspired and start delving into books. Though every kind of book has its merit, you really need to get into non-fiction, success and personal development books. Yes, you need to start browsing the self-help and wellbeing sections in bookstores.

No, you can’t just get into graphic novels and picture books and all the fun stuff. You need to dedicate yourself to personal growth, and that’s only going to happen through some of the classics out there, like How to Win Friends and Influence People and The Magic of Believing.

So start growing your personal library and start getting the education that really counts; personal development.