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99 Days to Amassing Your Personal WealthWhether you know it or not, many businesses in the online world have affiliate programs that you can join and earn money from.

What are affiliate programs?

Essentially, you can recommend the products and services of other businesses and earn a commission on each sale. Some marketers, like Pat Flynn, tend to do really well with this kind of system.

I have also heard of others that built a one-page sales website where visitors go through a funnel to purchase a product, and some have done really well with it too.

In general, you have to attract a significant amount of traffic to your website if you want to earn a lot of money from affiliate sales (or any other avenue). I have sold the occasional product through Amazon myself, and if you check out the book list on this website (we really need to add more books to this list), you’ll see that we have links set up for you to purchase recommended books through Amazon.

Becoming an Amazon associate is pretty handy because you can find a lot of different products on their website; not just books. You’ll probably want to go directly to the product or service provider and see if they have an affiliate program before setting up Amazon links, but it is a really good catch-all solution.

So, just to be clear, you can approach many web hosting companies, authors, online marketers and product or service providers in general and see if they have an existing program. Even if they don’t, you’re an entrepreneur, right? You can ask them if they’d be willing to strike up an agreement with you.

Besides building sales pages, another way to promote affiliate products is to do it in tandem with your own blog. For example, all of your blog posts could feature a product recommendation. That would certainly increase your chances of selling something through your website. Like Steve Pavlina, you could just list a few recommended products at the end of every post, or you could also review individual products and make every post of your a review.

Affiliate programs are one of the main ways bloggers tend to monetize their blog, so if there are any products or services you think highly of, it would be worth letting your readers know what you like to use too.