It’s Thursday, another beautiful spring day in Abbotsford with not a cloud in the sky. Of course, we’re about to head into two weeks of rain, which is characteristic of the region.

Although I would not say that I made exceptionally productive use of my time today, I am still quite pleased with what I was able to accomplish.

I have another progress update for you today, but tomorrow I will probably have a proper article for you (and it won’t be the only one for the week).

Here’s what I got up to today.

What I Accomplished Today:

  • Worked on The Renegade Music Marketer eBook (mostly formatting)
  • Asked my podcast editor to
  • Completed a MIDINation post
  • Started writing an article on my songwriting process
  • Captured a couple of videos for the Creative Entrepreneur series
  • Posted the latest podcast episode

Concluding Thoughts

I’m planning to live stream under a pseudonym tonight.

I’m still trying to figure out my recent fascination with live streaming and whether it’s even worth doing, but while I’m feeling inspired to do it, I may as well keep going.

I hope today was an awesome day for you. I have plenty coming your way!

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