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The Music Entrepreneur Code Companion Course

The Music Entrepreneur Code

Discover the exact steps you can take that are going to make the biggest difference in building a successful music career. Crack the code.

Start Your Year the Right Way

Start Your Year The Right Way

Don’t wait to plan your promotional strategy, radio campaign or tour calendar. Start now and capture all the opportunities available to you this year.

The Essential Guide to Creative Entrepreneurship

The Essential Guide To Creative Entrepreneurship

If you don’t have a magnetic brand, you’re not going to attract loyal buyers who want everything you make. Create your unique selling proposition.

The Essential Guide to Music Entrepreneurship

The Essential Guide To Music Entrepreneurship

What is music entrepreneurship? How does one become a music entrepreneur? This guide tells all.

The New Music Industry

The New Music Industry

Find out every marketing channel you could ever use to get your music heard. Master social media promotion once and for all.


Nowhere Even Near EP by David Andrew Wiebe
No Escape EP
Fire Your God by David Andrew Wiebe
Your Eyes Give It Away by David Andrew Wiebe
Waves by David Andrew Wiebe
Hope by David Andrew Wiebe
Don't Wait Too Long single by David Andrew Wiebe
City Lights single by David Andrew Wiebe
Fragments single by David Andrew Wiebe
Shipwrecked... My Sentiments by David Andrew Wiebe