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by | Feb 9, 2023 | News

So, I’ve been thinking…

It’s probably about time I put together a new index for my products. It has been a while since I’ve taken inventory of everything I’ve got, and things have a way of changing over time. Old products are replaced by new products, some become obsolete, some fall by the wayside.

Likely, this post will be updated now and again, just like some of the others on this site.

Note: pricing noted here may not match up exactly with listings on sales or order pages. This is because I’m currently revising prices, there’s a promotion in effect, or I haven’t had the opportunity to update this post in a while.

Premium Books



  • 62 Exercises, Drills, Solos, and Tips for Guitarists – currently inactive but returning soon
  • How to Record, Promote & Sell Your New Music Release – currently inactive but returning soon
  • 170 Music Career Tips to Help You Grow Your Following, Promote Your Music & Increase Your Income – currently inactive but returning soon


  • Elite Players: Newsletter – currently inactive but returning soon
  • Productivity, Performance & Profits Newsletter – coming soon

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Personalized Coaching

  • Base rate – $127 USD, coaching packages coming soon