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You knew this was coming, didn’t you? It was begging to be done.

While I would not say that I am a big fan of Princess Peach (she’s okay I guess), it seems as though most illustrators who draw female game characters eventually visit this subject. The damsel in distress (abducted by King Koopa again) often makes for interesting art. You can make what you want of that word, “interesting”.

Maybe I just needed to find another character to draw (likely). Or, maybe, I needed a bit of a challenge (not as likely).

The interesting thing is that Princess Peach is generally a very computerized character. In many modern Mario games, she usually looks like a collection of polygons. Her hairstyle is blocky and angular. Her dress is comprised of simple shapes. There haven’t been many realistic looking adaptations of Princess Peach; not in the game series anyway (there are plenty of artists who’ve done some cool things with her). So that also makes her an interesting subject to re-imagine as an artist.

Anyway, I think the drawing turned out quite good. Again, the hair is a little weird, but it’s definitely recognizable as Princess Peach. I am also quite happy with the shading in this instance.
Princess Peach