Podcast Sponsorship Opportunities 2024

by | Dec 19, 2023 | News

Are you interested in working with us in 2024?

Do you have room in your budget for podcast sponsorships this year?

Would you like to reach a broader listening audience with your service, product, or event in 2024?

Let’s explore this opportunity together.

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By the Numbers

The New Music Industry Podcast got its start in June 2016 and has since amassed more than 102,900 downloads spanning over 300 episodes, averaging over 300 downloads per episode (not including YouTube, where we’ve garnered an additional 6,266 views).


Over the years, we’ve shared many products with our audience, including our books and courses as well as third-party music distribution services, email marketing tools, “link in bio” solutions, and more.


Our podcast has found a following with artists, entrepreneurs, executives, and even other musician coaches, usually between 18 and 39, but sometimes older, especially if they are entrepreneurs or executives.

Syndication & Distribution

For every episode published, we typically produce:

  • A summary and media highlights
  • A full transcript
  • A PDF document
  • Multiple unique graphics
  • Multiple quotes to share on social media
  • Multiple clips to share on social media
  • A full-length video to share on YouTube

Podcast episodes may also be turned into blog posts to share on Medium and Tealfeed. Podcast videos are often shared in more than one blog post to give the episodes a second and third life.

Podcasting in 2024

As we look to 2024, we’ll be winding down The New Music Industry Podcast, and launching a new show (very much in the same vein) that will be rolling out with greater frequency – four to five episodes per week versus the traditional weekly format. We already have over 100 episodes recorded, waiting to be published.

We’ll also be unifying our brand to make it easier for artists to find and enjoy the show across an array of platforms like Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, iHeart, YouTube, and more.


David Andrew Wiebe has a combined 13,971 followers and subscribers spread across many platforms (including Web3 / decentralized networks), with his primary being Tealfeed, Twitter, and Medium.

We also have an email list of over 1,300 subscribers.

Ready to Work with Us?

We are already in talks with one sponsor, and we are interested in entertaining a second and possibly a third.

If you feel there is a good match between the product or service you offer and the audience we are reaching, get in touch so we can discuss further.

I look forward to chatting with you.