Personal Development Could Be the Key to Financial Abundance: Observations & Evidence

by | Dec 2, 2023 | Personal Development

Looking to create financial abundance?

Most of us HOPE we can make more money than we’re currently making.

Income isn’t everything, but all things being equal, a better income would mean more choices and more freedom.

As I’ve heard many wealthy people say:

99% of the problems you’re experiencing right now can be solved with money. You can tackle the other 1% with your newfound freedom.

But how can you attract and create financial abundance?

Trying and Failing

If you’ve been on this journey for a while, chances are you’ve already tried a lot of things to increase your income.

Maybe you started an Amazon FBA business…

Or tried affiliate marketing

Or gave blogging a go.

Perhaps you’ve read some books or have taken some courses on generating an income online.

But there’s a good chance one of the following happened:

  • You created a plan but never got started
  • You created a plan and got started but gave up shortly after
  • You created a plan, got started, and even made some progress, but something got in the way and you stopped
  • You created a plan, got started, and even stuck with the project, but in the long run it fizzled out and you were no better off

You’re not alone, and it’s not your fault.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had a project, book, or business in progress that completely stalled out for no apparent reason, sometimes never to be finished!

You can be driven, determined, consistent, persistent, even resilient beyond the level of what most would consider reasonable…

And STILL encounter seemingly insurmountable obstacles that prevent you from attaining the wealth and success you truly deserve.

So, I Reflected on My Most Successful Years…

And I noticed something interesting.

There were specific things I was doing very consistently during those years.

I wasn’t making more cold calls, applying to more jobs or gigs, producing more content, or anything of the sort.

But there were certain behaviors I’d adhered to.

So, let’s look at what those habits were.

Read 52 Books Per Year

In 2015 and 2016, I read 52 books per year or a book per week. That’s a total of 104 books over two years.

I say this because 2015 and 2016 were some of my best years for attracting opportunity.

At times, my work life got a little out of control, but…

Momentum was on my side, and I couldn’t halt the flow of income opportunities if I tried.

I primarily read books on the topics of business, personal development, marketing, writing, leadership, spirituality, money, and investing.

Books like Think and Grow Rich, Beyond Positive Thinking, Smartcuts, The War of Art, The 4-Hour Workweek, The Secret, Life is Tremendous, and so on.

And probably without even noticing, I was being imbued with ideas to help me manage my income and increase my wealth.

I did learn some things I ended up applying and implementing…

But more than anything, what the books did for me was keep me in a state of flow and idea generation.

Document the Journey

In my most prosperous years, I was using hardcopy calendar pads to manage my schedule and log my income in the “memo” section.

The fact that I was physically writing down my income on the calendar pad was key because it helped me focus on the money that was coming in.

It only happened a few times, but I can even recall filling up the memo section and running out of space to log all my income sources.

But this is key:

I have tried too many solutions, both physical and digital, to know that digital tracking simply doesn’t produce the same effect.

Physically writing down your income sources is what has this work.

Go to the Bank

How do people pay you?

Nowadays, it’s more common than ever to be paid via direct deposit, am I right?

That’s no good, at least for our purposes. The more reasons you can create to go to the bank to make deposits, the better.

As much as possible, you want to be paid in cash or checks, so you can physically handle the currency.

Going to the bank all the time could negatively impact your productivity, so you may choose to mail in your deposits or use other alternatives.

The point is you want to handle, with your hands, all the income that comes in. You want to be able to shuffle the bills and checks.

And when you do go to the bank, get a receipt printed up so you know exactly how much money is in your account. NEVER fear facing the truth about your financial life.

NEVER fear facing the truth about your financial life. Share on X

Pay Yourself First

One of the things that people don’t do / hate doing / resist doing most in their financial life is paying themselves first.

But it makes VERY GOOD financial sense.

So, what does it mean to pay yourself first?

It means taking 10% of your income, the moment it arrives, and locking it away in a savings account, investment, or whole life insurance plan (take your pick).

It helps to put this process on autopilot, so you don’t even need to think about it.

Over time, if you can increase that amount to 20, 30, 40% and beyond, even better.

Regardless, the more income you have stored away, the better, because you’ll be in a better position to turn down projects, offers, or clients you don’t want to take on.

But don’t become attached to your savings. Emergencies, investment opportunities, and vacation plans will come up.

Affirm Your Successes

It may sound silly…

I have NOT been a big fan or believer of affirmations in recent years (I can recall putting them to the test on multiple occasions to no avail).

But there was one affirmation I found myself saying repeatedly from 2015 to 2016, and it was from T. Harv Eker’s Secrets of the Millionaire Mind.

It goes something like this:

I am a money magnet. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

You want to say this phrase whenever money comes in, no matter how little.

Acknowledging the fact that money is coming in will reprogram your subconscious mind.

More to Come in Financial Abundance…?

The above are the behaviors that I can recall adhering to from 2015 to 2016.

But there could have been others that led to my financial abundance

So, I will be updating this guide as I’m reminded of other things, I did to produce financial breakthroughs in my life.

If you found this helpful, and if would like to see more training like this in the future, then consider pre-ordering my Money Secrets Mastery course now.