PDF Vault Update: March 7, 2022

by | Mar 7, 2022 | Entrepreneurship

Great things are born out of periods of imbalance.

And so, much of my work to do with Music Entrepreneur HQ, at present, is revolving around SEO and conversion optimization.

Some of this work will no doubt be “invisible” or at the very least only noticeable to the extent that you pay careful attention to Music Entrepreneur HQ and its 800+ pages of content.

That said, as you can see from my daily blogging habit, I take documenting my work seriously.

So, while it may not prove the most thrilling of content I’ve ever published, I will primarily be sharing PDF Vault related updates as I continue to build it out.

There is a frontend process and backend process to all this.

The frontend process being making users aware of the very existence of the PDF Vault (again, this would be the “imperceptible” work I do on the website).

The backend process being adding PDF resources to the vault as they are created. At this point, I still have hundreds of PDFs to create and add.

Anyway, today, I added the following PDF resources to the PDF Vault:

  • 008 – Get in the game – don’t just sit on the sidelines
  • 009 – The Value of Personal Development in Building a Music Career
  • 010 – Do You Have Mentorship in Your Life?
  • 011 – The Importance of Reading Books in Personal Development
  • 012 – What the Music Industry Can Learn from Pokémon Go
  • 013 – Career Update: September 2016
  • 014 – The Importance of Listening to Audio in Personal Development

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