Halfway through March?! Time is really flying by, isn’t it?

I continue to seek out a new space to call my own and I think I may have found one… But if you’re privy to something I’m not (like an awesome, spacious basement suite for $700 per month in the greater Vancouver and Fraser Valley area), you’d better let me know.


Today, I added the following PDF resources to the Music Entrepreneur HQ PDF Vault:

  • 051 – The 6 Types of Summer & How to Interpret Them
  • 052 – The Basics of Music Copyright
  • 053 – 5 Monetization Opportunities for Blogging Musicians
  • 054 – 10 Types of Emails to Send Your Fans
  • 055 – The Importance of Ongoing Self-Education for Musicians
  • 056 – General Update: August 2017
  • 057 – How Important Are Boundaries in Building a Music Career?
  • 058 – How to Develop an Effective Routine as a Musician or Music Entrepreneur
  • 059 – Why Read Books?
  • 060 – Go With The Flow
  • 061 – How Important is Fan Engagement? – with Eddie Meehan of Wonderful Union
  • 062 – Your Questions Answered Part 1

The PDF Vault is free to access (in exchange for your email address). Sign up here.

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