Who Is David Andrew Wiebe?

Hey, I’m the founder of MusicHackers.org, where we dissect the strategies of successful independent musicians, as well as Better Ways to Survive, where we explore the best ways to earn an income online. Here I document my journey of music, starting businesses, and personal growth.

David Andrew Wiebe, 2024

Recently Published

060 – Would You Like 400 to 600 Members Per Week?

What are your goals for social media in 2024? Are you thinking about phasing it out of your life? Or would you like to experience explosive growth as never before? Isn’t it time you got the kind of growth you truly deserve? If you’re ready for a change, listen...

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059 – From 0 to 5,200 Members… in a Year?!

When it comes to social media growth, we’re all hoping for consistent, reliable growth. Yet, most if not all creators struggle to get new followers each week. It could be because of their content. It could be because they’re nobodies. There are reasons too numerous to...

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Book Launch Schedule

As promised, I’m going to share my book launch schedule with you. A couple of titles are already visible on Amazon (though not necessarily available to pre-order), and I will be adding the relevant links to the other works as they are approved by Amazon KDP. To keep...

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