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Hey, I’m David Andrew Wiebe and I make things.

My website and writing are simple on purpose. I don’t want people to “miss the point for the writing around it.”

I’m an author, entrepreneur and musician.

I love to create. I love to learn. I love adventure.

I’m living the nomadic life. I currently live in Abbotsford, BC, Canada.

I founded Music Entrepreneur HQ and co-founded The Indie YYC. I’m a staff writer for Music Industry How To.

I’ve been interviewed a few times.

Here is what others have said about me.

My 3 words for 2020 are Completion, Curation and Synthesize.

That’s all I wish to say about myself here, but if you want to go deeper, you can peruse my About page.

Catstar Images does my photos. Thanks!

Here’s My Music (Under Construction)

Here are my solo works (guest appearances/session playing excluded).


Shipwrecked… My Sentiments
Fire Your God


No Escape
Nowhere Even Near


Fragments (Review)
City Lights (Review)
Don’t Wait Too Long (Review)
Hope (Review)
Waves (Review)
Your Eyes Give It Away (Review)
Christmas Surf (Review)

You can learn more about my music here (under construction).

Follow me: Apple Music, Bandcamp, CD Baby, Deezer, Google Play, Shazam, SoundCloud, Spotify, TIDAL, Viberate, YouTube.

Here Are My Books

I’ve been writing for years, but my love affair with it officially began in 2012. I’ve self-published four books so far, and there will be more to come.

The New Music Industry (Review)
The Essential Guide to Music Entrepreneurship (Review)
The Essential Guide to Creative Entrepreneurship
Start Your Year the Right Way

You can learn more about my books here.

Here’s My Podcast

I’ve now been podcasting for over 10 years.

My latest podcast is The New Music Industry Podcast.

You can subscribe using whatever method suits you best: Android, Apple Podcasts, Google Play, iHeartRADIO, RSS, Stitcher, TuneIn.

I’m currently working on getting my show on several other popular platforms as well.

Here Are My Latest Posts

For those times when people say, “you’ve got to write an article about that!”

Read them. Share them. Print them up and put them on your wall (others have).

Update: August 22, 2016

As you’re likely aware, I started helping out with The Question community back in September 2015. We’ve been on hiatus during the summer, but community gatherings will be resuming in September. In addition to being an opportunity for me to put many of my talents to...

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Update: July 29, 2016

Welcome back, friend. Here’s my update for toda… well, it’s past midnight already, so here’s my update for yesterday. Random Thoughts This is the time for music entrepreneurs to rise up. It’s getting harder for musicians to sell albums and make money. That’s exactly...

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Update: July 28, 2016

Hey guys, thanks for coming to check out my update. I’m going to attempt to post these on a daily basis, or at least as often as possible. So here goes… How I’ve Been Feeling I’ve been feeling quite fatigued and catatonic as of late. I’ve actually been experimenting...

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My New Single, “City Lights”

Well, it has been kind of a crazy week for me, what with the launch of my new podcast, fresh weekly content on The Music Entrepreneur, and my usual rigmarole of client work. But I didn’t want my new single to get lost in the shuffle, so here I am to talk about it. It...

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My New Single, “Fragments”

Hey all, I know it’s been a while since I’ve published anything here. I tend to get a little ambitious with all of my projects, so while I do make an effort to keep this site updated, I don’t always get around to posting on the blog. I need to fix that. Yes,...

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