One Connection Can Change Everything in Your Music Career

by | Oct 21, 2021 | Uncategorized

I went to a local singer-songwriter workshop. I wasn’t feeling up to networking that day, but one of the presenters said, “even if you’re a complete introvert, you can still shake a hand, smile, and say ‘hi.’” She was right. And so, the schmoozing began. I introduced myself to everyone.

And I made a new friend that day that changed the course of my music career for good. It wasn’t one of the presenters, even though there were up and coming musicians (she made it), radio hosts (don’t know what happened to her), and music producers (ditto) in that pool. It wasn’t any of the staff, volunteers, or tag-alongs either. It was one of the singer-songwriters in attendance.

That relationship has been worth tens of thousands of dollars to me over the years. But if I were to talk about it in terms of numbers, I would be diminishing it. A great friendship was formed that day, and that led to podcast interviews, touring opportunities, radio interviews, session playing and guest appearances, and countless gig referrals.

Trust me when I say you don’t need too many connections like that to have a fun, active, and successful (on your own terms) music career.

That’s why I often say – building new relationships is critical, but you don’t need to shake hands with planet earth to find your tribe. Not everyone is going to like you, and you’re not going to like everyone else either. You can’t force anything.

But my life would not be what it is today had I not connected with my friend that day. It’s hard to imagine what that would be like…

And everything in life is like that, whether it’s friendships or partnerships.

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