Nowhere Even Near

David Andrew Wiebe


by David Andrew Wiebe | Nowhere Even Near

Nowhere Even Near EP

Released: November 8, 2019
Genre: Rock, Pop, Experimental

Track List:

  1. Why Should I Believe (3:54)
  2. Feeling (3:25)
  3. Letting Go (3:31)
  4. Dagger (3:17)
  5. From the Ashes (4:13)
  6. We Could Only (3:48)

EP Description:

Returning once again to his experimental roots, Wiebe offers up Nowhere Even Near, a six-song EP that features songs that are, admittedly, unfinished. Following in the tradition of Fire Your God, this collection is made up of experimental rock and pop songs that vary in scope and subject matter.

The opening track, “Why Should I Believe” features the lyric that inspired the title of this collection. The 90s tinged rock-pop song finds the writer wrestling with his spiritual beliefs.

The slow groove of “Feeling” is about taking chances in romance and it comes with a memorable hook.

“Letting Go” is a synth-drenched instrumental. Wiebe noted that the riffs were originally written on guitar, and the song even has lyrical content not heard here. “Unfinished”, offered Wiebe.

“Dagger” shows Wiebe exploring hard rock territory – something fans have been anticipating for some time.

Returning once again to pop territory, “From the Ashes” is a tribute to the divine and is reminiscent of Lincoln Brewster and Hillsong.

Finally, the acoustic-rocker “We Could Only” is a reworked version of a much earlier song, “Six Sides.”

Ultimately, the EP is as haunting as its title, which reflects the unfinished but self-contained nature of the release.

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All songs written by David Andrew Wiebe © 2019

David Andrew Wiebe – Vocals, Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Programming

Produced by David Andrew Wiebe
Recorded by David Andrew Wiebe
Mixed and mastered by David Andrew Wiebe

Mixed, mastered, and recorded at Red Flame Studios, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

CD artwork and design by David Andrew Wiebe


Why Should I Believe

No one can wait this long
No one can hold on
My grip is slipping and I’m falling
Can’t you hear me calling?

You say you promised
What you promised isn’t clear
And all I see are people
Controlled by fear
You say you love me
But you’re nowhere even near

Reaching out and grasping at nothing
Coming up empty and lonely
Not knowing what to do
You can’t keep poking and prodding
Expecting something I could never hope to do
Why should I believe in
Why should I believe in you

What do you want from me?
Is there something I don’t see?
No one told you talk is cheap
What you sow is what you reap


You never know
What we could be
It’s not hard to see
You and me

You know you’ve got the feeling
Waiting for the timing that never comes
You can’t just keep on dreaming and hoping
Someone will be
The one to save you from yourself

I just don’t know
What could happen next?
When you start to see
Just how gray it can be

This makes sense but it may not be
The best thing right now
But if you’re staying
I won’t argue with you


How can someone be
The first and last person
You want to hear from?

Dagger in the middle of the night
Can’t sleep, can’t believe
You’d leave me here to waste away

I reach out my hand and wait
But I know I’m just waiting
I don’t think there will come a day
When you meet me halfway

How can something so good
Be so wrong
You hang me out to dry

From the Ashes

This time it’s for real
This time it’s time
To say that I’ve waited
Would be an understatement

Shedding the past
Shedding the fears
And letting go of
All my defenses

Turning the ugly into beautiful
Taking the broken and making it whole
Turning my last shred of hope into boundless love

You are answering every prayer
Confirming every promise
You are my only salvation
You are raising me from the ashes

Storing every tear in a bottle
Keeping the records in your book
Every heartache
Leading up to this moment

Your grace cannot be measured
Your mercy is unending

We Could Only

It’s on the tip of my tongue
It’s going to roll off my finger
With your words still hanging in the air
Our fate is up to chance

We only came this far to
Circle back and repeat again

We could only dig so deep
Before we came up empty-handed
We could only lose so much sleep
Before we gave up and disbanded

We looked the other way while you
Looked for a knife
So we rolled the dice
Now you’re twisting it in

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