Updated July 18, 2024 from Surrey, BC.

Digital NO-Mad is Complete

The Kindle, paperback, and hardcover versions of my latest book, Digital NO-Mad, are available.

If you have any questions concerning the latest book, what it’s about, or why you might be interested, you may want to check out my audio updates on Telegram. They’re free and detailed.

I will be working on the audiobook as well, but it should be noted that this is generally a longer-term prospect, because I’m not very fast when it comes to finding a narrator, negotiating, and providing them with a script.

Besides the audiobook, still incoming are:

  • The book bonuses
  • The book upgrades

The Renegade Musician is Coming

Digital NO-Mad is my second book launch of the year. The Renegade Musician will be my third.

This book has been in development since the pandemic, and the manuscript was largely considered complete in 2022.

There have been some changes since 2022, especially about marketing and social media (surprise, surprise), but I have been making good progress with the word massaging and editing, which means I should be able to move past the manuscript to work on other aspects soon.

I Moved to Surrey, and I’m in it for the Long Haul… I Think

I’ve been living out of Airbnb rentals for two years. On that journey, I found the occasional couch to sleep on, a hotel to stay at, or a short-term rental. But I’m quite certain I want to call Vancouver home, and the stars are finally aligning.

For the time being, I’m staying in an air-conditioned 800 square-foot suite in a 6,000 square-foot home sitting on an acreage, with a pool in the backyard. Not too shabby.

I’m told I may only be able to stay until October 2025, though, so I’ve been looking for something a little more permanent, also in Surrey.

I will still travel, but I think it will be a few times a year for now. Not like before.