New Ventures, New Structures

by | Mar 3, 2023 | Uncategorized

The moment you notice things aren’t working anymore, it’s time to do away with old structures and implement new ones.

Your current structures are insufficient. They’ve reached their max capacity. You can’t add anything on top.

It’s time to start thinking about this challenge differently. Sure, it’s possible you’ve taken on too much. But if you’re not out of integrity now and again, you’re playing too small.

Stop and identify everything you’re doing. List it out on a whiteboard or in a journal. Find the commonalities between the projects so you can batch process.

If you don’t have a team, it may be time to hire. If you do have a team, it may be time to look at creating systems to boost efficiency.

If you cannot find structures that work, ask for help. Others may see things you can’t see right now.

If you exhaust your options and you’re still out of integrity, it’s time to own up to the unworkability. Tell your friend, or client, or partner, you need to let go of some projects. You may be surprised at what comes of it.

But never hide or stew on the issue alone. It’s a dead end.