New Podcast Episode on The Music Entrepreneur HQ with Brent Vaartstra

At last, the first podcast episode of the year is here.

I rarely if ever intend to stop publishing the week before and after the New Year, but that’s just the way things seem to work out. I’m sure you don’t mind, right?

But just so you know, the New Year content that I publish every single year is going to come at you rapidly (as opposed to over the course of several weeks or several months)! So, if you’re ready for a dose of inspiration, you’ll want to subscribe to the podcast.

Okay, but first, I’d love for you to listen to my latest interview with Brent Vaartstra.

And, in case you think you might be suffering from a case of déjà vu, don’t worry – Brent was on an earlier episode too.

The latest episode is especially great for music instructors who don’t know about the various ways they can be making money online. But even if you’re a musician or music entrepreneur, you’ll discover plenty of great insights into monetizing your music career.

That’s all for now, kids, but I promise there is a lot more coming!