New Book & Newsletter Available

by | Oct 31, 2022 | News

Hello independent musicians, music entrepreneurs, music executives and professors, all you powerful go-getters out there! Here are a couple of recent relevant updates, straight from my mobile lab and desk:

New Book – The Music Entrepreneur Companion Guide

First, I’m excited to announce the launch of The Music Entrepreneur Companion Guide, now available on Amazon as a Kindle.

The Music Entrepreneur Companion Guide

Paperback and hardcover versions will also be available soon, upon Amazon KDP’s approval.

Print Newsletter – Elite Players: Newsletter

At long last, launch day has arrived. Elite Players: Newsletter is here, and we’re accepting orders for a limited time.

Elite Players: Newsletter

When I say, “limited time,” I simply mean this – we’ll be closing orders the day we launch the first newsletter.

Subscriptions aren’t available yet, but they will be after the publishing of our first two newsletters.

Here’s what’s included in this offer:

  • The first two issues of the Elite Players: Newsletter
  • Four group Q&A and coaching sessions
  • Lifetime access to Members Only Audios
  • Physical, hardcover copy of The Music Entrepreneur Companion Guide
  • Physical, hardcover copy of The Renegade Musician

How much does this all cost? When will all the materials be delivered? What can you expect from the newsletter?

These and other questions are all answered on the Elite Players: Newsletter page.

The Renegade Musician?

I started preparing two books for our October 31 launch, not just one.

The Music Entrepreneur Companion Guide was already finished when we began promoting the newsletter, but The Renegade Musician was only about a third done at the time.

I pressed into the writing and editing of The Renegade Musician over the course of the last couple of months, and the manuscript is fast nearing completion at over 64,000 words!

I couldn’t quite get it all done in time, but if you order the Elite Players: Newsletter, we will deliver the book to you as soon as it becomes available.

The anticipated launch date for The Renegade Musician is December 1, but god willing, it will be available sooner than that!

Your Support is Appreciated

Promoting a book or an offer is never a matter of “see how hard we can push” and “let’s blow up our following and lists with news blasts!”

Without the customer, we are reduced to nothing. David Andrew Wiebe is only a best-selling author because of his readers. Period.

(Forgive the third-person reference here.)

In getting the word out about the new books and newsletter, we’re asking for your support, and we are making some big asks, too!

That said, there are also some cool opportunities available for those looking to grow their income.

Here’s our request to you:

  • Purchase the Kindle version of The Music Entrepreneur Companion Guide so you can start devouring it while you wait for the physical versions to arrive
  • Leave a review for the book on Amazon
  • Share The Music Entrepreneur Companion Guide on social media
  • Purchase Elite Players: Newsletter
  • Share the Elite Players: Newsletter page on social media and with your friends
  • You can become an affiliate and earn commissions on Elite Players: Newsletter – contact me if you’re interested
  • If you’ve got a Facebook group, blog, podcast, or YouTube channel, share The Music Entrepreneur Companion Guide and Elite Players: Newsletter with your followers
  • If you’re a journalist, editor, curator, program director, host, or media interested in covering this story, contact me immediately

We look forward to collaborating with you.