Neiman Samuel from LaunchDon Shares About His New Music Career Guidance Platform

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What is a music career guidance platform?

Well, if you were to ask me, I would say it’s a little like Quora for the music industry. If you aren’t familiar with Quora, it’s a place where people go to ask questions on a variety of topics, and in some cases, get personalized answers.

And that’s what LaunchDon offers musicians – a platform they can utilize, not just to get generic answers on various music career challenges, but to receive responses that pertain directly to their career and present situation (it’s also why I offer personal coaching).

This is a business idea I’ve explored and thought about myself, which is why I’m excited about it. Here’s Neiman Samuel from LaunchDon to fill us in on what this new site is all about.

1. Tell us about who you are and what you do.

My name is Neiman Samuel, I am CEO and Co-Founder of I am a talent manager and music business consultant.

2. What is LaunchDon? Why do you think it’s important for today’s musician?

LaunchDon is a career guidance platform for the music industry. With the music industry being as jammed packed as it is, there are new acts popping up every day. The majority of these musicians know nothing about the music industry. LaunchDon is here to change that.

3. What inspired you to create LaunchDon?

I have been around the music industry my entire life, and was there when the digital wave took over the music industry. I saw a lot of lost artists not knowing what to do to have a chance at success – seeing artists work their tails off to go nowhere all because they did not have a sense of direction. I knew I could offer a compass to those struggling artists. That’s why we created LaunchDon.

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4. How will LaunchDon solve the challenges typically encountered by musicians?

It all comes down to one word – knowledge. If more musicians knew what they should be doing to have a better chance at success, you would see more successful musicians, it’s as simple as that. Musicians can learn by talking one on one to a music industry insider, learning all there is to know about the music business with the LaunchDon Academy, or even reading through the LaunchDon blog to get some cool ideas. has everything someone looking to be successful in the music industry needs, that is why we claim to be “The #1 Resource In The Music Industry.”

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Final Thoughts

Thanks to Neiman and Rudy Sutherland from LaunchDon for helping me put this together and for answering my questions. I hope you enjoyed this quick interview, and got a good sense of what LaunchDon is about.

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