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One of my biggest lessons from the coursework I did last year was that my way doesn’t work.

More accurately, I’m not the problem – the way I’ve been approaching the problem is the problem.

The way I’ve gone about things doesn’t help me get the results I want.

We all get high on ourselves from time to time. Assume we’re great. Think we’re all that and a bag of potato chips.

But as author Mark Manson and others are now saying, you’re better off admitting your averageness and seeing the world that unfolds from that admission, instead of getting wrapped up in the never-ending personal development hamster wheel of “anybody can be great.”

Oh, I can be great. Because anyone can.

But I’ve been going about it all wrong. Trying to reinvent the wheel. Trying to be the genius. Things I may never be.

And that’s one (if not all) of the reasons, things haven’t come together the way I want them to.

I will humble myself before others who know more than I and say I don’t know what I don’t know.

I let go of judgment. Of criticism. Of superiority and elitism.

I have the capacity to learn. More than I ever imagined. And I can learn from others everything I need to know.

I have been learning.

It’s the reason I started publishing every day. The reason I started interacting and engaging with my Dream 100. The reason I’m focused on a singular goal in my business.

It’s because I’ve been discovering what I don’t already know.

I was not as teachable before as I am now. I thought I was but it’s easy to lie to yourself. In this moment, I am more teachable than I have ever been. Because I am willing to change. I have never been this hungry for it.

My unverified theory, however, is that I don’t need to change much. Mostly that I need to change the framing, the outer coat of paint. What’s on the inside does work and has worked for me. Communicating its value is another matter. But I’m beginning to see how I can go about that.

No need to reinvent the wheel. See what’s already working and model it.

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