My Monthly Income Reports [Resource Guide]

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If you know me, you know that I’ve valued transparency over the years.

In the past, even if something didn’t exactly make me look like an authority, I published it anyway.

In a world of perfectly manicured social media profiles and shiny looking live streaming personalities, it’s easy to forget that everyone has challenges.

Name anyone who has recently achieved any level of success, and I can promise you the smoke of battle is still on them.

What does this have to do with anything?

Well, between June 2015 and March 2016 I published 10 monthly income reports.

And much to my surprise, people like you ended up finding a lot of value in them.

With my income reports, I was showing you how I was making money, and in turn you took those ideas and started making money off them. As a musician and creative coach, that got me excited.

So, it’s been a while since I published those reports, but that doesn’t mean they’re any less valuable now than they were back then.

I may have changed my app subscriptions, my income comes from slightly difference sources now, and I may have some new products, but aside from that, everything I did back then is still quite relevant today.

So, here’s a special edition income report resource guide just for you.

My June 2015 Monthly Income Report – $1,351.98

In my income reports, I only ever shared my music related income, so don’t worry, I wasn’t living off a little over $1,000 per month in June or other months.

The first report establishes this, along with some of the other parameters and rules I had set for myself in creating these reports.

View the June 2015 income report

My July 2015 Monthly Income Report – $2,033.24

As you can see, my July income ended up getting a bit of a boost. This was mostly because one of my clients finally settled with me. I also got some teaching income I didn’t expect.

View the July 2015 income report

My August 2015 Monthly Income Report – $1,311.63

August 2015 ended up being a relatively “standard” month so far as the income reports were concerned. My first book, The New Music Industry had just come out at that point, so that’s the main thing I was focused on promoting.

View the August 2015 income report

My September 2015 Monthly Income Report – $1,811.46

September 2015 was not an explosive start to the fall, but a solid month for me, nonetheless.

At the time, I could have lived off $1,800 which is amazing to think. Then again, I’ve been in the habit of living in basement suites and buying 10-year-old cars for years now.

View the September 2015 income report

My October 2015 Monthly Income Report – $1,179.35

October 2015 was full of adventures, and not always of the pleasant kind. I had a bad experience at a gig, and I was experiencing some issues with my hosting company at the time. But you can read more about that in this report.

View the October 2015 income report

My November 2015 Monthly Income Report – $1,191.95

My life was in full on “organized chaos” mode in November 2015, and this is somewhat reflected in the income report as well (I had a lot of expenses).

View the November 2015 income report

My December 2015 Monthly Income Report – $1,718.03

December 2015 is when I learned that a startup, I had invested in had completely failed. Considering it could have made me a millionaire (I don’t exaggerate), this was quite disappointing. I reflected on the pros and cons in this report.

View the December 2015 income report

My January 2016 Monthly Income Report – $1,301.78

2016 started with a bang, and I kept that momentum up until summer, when I had enough income coming in from my home based freelancing and business efforts that I could start working completely from home.

View the January 2016 income report

My February 2016 Monthly Income Report – $2,514.67

February 2016 ended up being my most lucrative month in music (not ever, just so far as my income reports are concerned).

This was also the month paperback copies of The New Music Industry officially became available.

View the February 2016 income report

My March 2016 Monthly Income Report – $1,778.59

My final income report ended up being relatively standard. You can see me speculating on future possibilities in this report.

View the March 2016 income report

Final Thoughts

Is there value in transparency? Is it worth putting together income reports and sharing them with your audience?

I would say it is, even if it’s just to try it.

If it doesn’t work, or you hate numbers, or it takes too long to do, then maybe do something else.

But there’s still value in experimentation to be sure.

I hope you get lots of value from my legacy income reports.