My Instagram Accounts

by | Jan 30, 2022 | Uncategorized

For today’s Organization Sunday post, I wanted to share my various Instagram accounts with you.

After all, organization often includes grouping things together in a logical, orderly way (which isn’t to say things don’t change or fall back into disorder from time to time).

Are all the following Instagram accounts of equal importance to me? No.

Do I keep all of them updated? No.

Would you even be interested in following all these accounts? Unlikely.

But rest assured, if I have something of especial importance to share (announcement, new product, an exciting opportunity, new collaboration, etc.), I tend to broadcast most everywhere.

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My Instagram Accounts

@davidandrewwiebe – This is my primary Instagram account. Although my posts are mostly focused on the work, I do at Music Entrepreneur HQ, I like to make posts about guitars, podcasts, motivation, books, and food as well.

@musicentrepreneurhq – Most of what I share on @davidandrewwiebe I also share on this account. The @musicentrepreneurhq account doesn’t always get the love it deserves, but I would appreciate your support regardless.

@yourmusicmatterslive – I created the Your Music Matters Instagram account to support the community project endeavors I was undertaking in 2018 / 2019. Today, this Instagram account mostly acts as a broadcasting tool.

@creativeentrepreneurhq – You’ll learn about some of my work with The Indie YYC in a moment, but I used to host a series called Creative Entrepreneur and set up the Creative Entrepreneur HQ website and socials to tie in with the series. Today, this Instagram account is mostly used as a syndication / distribution tool.

@foodiebyrequest – My friends and family requested I create this Instagram account because they wanted to see all the delicious food I was eating. Such adventures, though, have mostly been on hold through the pandemic. But it does go to show just how much of a foodie I am.

@chordkingcourse – The latest Instagram account I created to support the ongoing promotion of my new beginner guitar program, Chord King Course.

Joint Instagram Accounts

@theindieyyc – As a co-founder of The Indie YYC, I’m responsible for a bi-weekly series known as ARTiculate, in which I create provocations and stimulate conversations around topics artists are interested in. The Indie YYC is also home to other great hosts and creative series that will appeal to you as an artist / creative. To find out whether you can participate in our ongoing content creation efforts (we often feature a variety of artists), like our Facebook page.