My 3 Words for 2024

by | Jan 8, 2024 | Personal Development

Don’t make New Year’s resolutions. Choose your three words instead. Says Chris Brogan.

Unbelievably, I have now been following this process since 2015. And what a ride it’s been!

Here I will take some space to reflect on my words from 2023 and share with you the words I’ve chosen for 2024.

I hope I chose right this time… (I say, looking as though I’m about to pull the lever on a high-stakes slot machine).

Reflecting on My 3 Words from 2023

Ease – I got to experience some ease as I was beginning year two of the Team, Management, and Leadership Program. With year one under my belt, I felt like less of a fish out of water. I also felt like I had more freedom to do what was required on my terms.

Yet, this sense of freedom and ease did not last long as I butted heads with leadership, and my old patterns of “grit it and bear it” showed up. I can see how that way of being only leads to burnout and it doesn’t work.

I felt like the number one thing I got out of the leadership program, though, was freedom of self-expression. I had to wade through some traumas to get to that point, mind you.

Ultimately, I didn’t feel at ease for most of 2023. It was a hard year – especially the final quarter in the leadership program. But from the outside looking in, I know I showed up at ease.

Laughter – Laughter did prove an important part of 2023, especially as I was recovering from burnout. Yet, I cannot say that it was a year full of laughter.

Train – This was the mystery word that I picked intuitively.

Throughout 2023, I coached and made an impact on many. My presentations on business plans and social media were received especially well, and some even called it the most useful training they’d received in the leadership program.

I also began investing more in my health – massages, workouts, supplements, and better nutrition. Perhaps this was the mercurial aspect of the word I could not have grasped when I originally selected it.

My 3 Words for 2024

Expansion – I recently heard Frederick Dodson say that none of us are meant to stay in any job for longer than five years. After that point, we tend to stagnate. Stagnation is shrinking. If we want to keep moving with the natural flow of the Universe, says Dodson, we need to keep expanding. Instead of staying comfortable, we should embrace change.

The message resonates with me. I’m not throwing caution to the wind, but I have already been making some big leaps, and I have no idea how they will pay off.

Logically, I feel the only way is up from here. Emotionally and physically, I’m scared out of my mind and not sleeping very well.

Surrender – 2023 was the year of surrender. So, why does it seem like the right word for 2024? I’m not quite sure, but I’m willing to follow my intuition on this one.

Receive – I’ve been put through the school of hard knocks and have earned a doctorate in that program. I’m ready to set that aside and begin receiving the goodness and blessings that surely await. I declare 2023 complete.

Past Reflections

2015 – Profit, Outreach, Expansion (planted some important seeds)
2016 – Flow, Create, Helpfulness (an unfocused year)
2017 – Adventure, Collaboration, Health (a challenging but awesome year)
2018 – War, Initiative, Connection (a year that started weak and ended strong)
2019 – Confidence, Breakthrough, Fulfillment (a year of intense personal growth)
2020 – Completion, Curation, Synthesize (a year to find my North Star)
2021 – Maximize, Optimize, Experiment (a breakthrough year in production, productivity, validation, team, and communication)
2022 – Intention, Recognition, Love (a year of upheaval and adventure)
2023 – Ease, Laughter, Train (a challenging, discouraging, frustrating year)

Final Thoughts

If you’re ready to make 2024 your breakthrough year, put me to work! I’m here to support you on your independent artistic journey in any way I can.