Your Eyes Give It Away by David Andrew Wiebe

Your Eyes Give It Away

David Andrew Wiebe

  • Release 2017
  • Genre Electronic

Ah, to be infatuated. It’s a mix of emotions – hope, fear, restlessness… It can come over you unexpectedly, regardless of where you might be in life. Only time will tell what’s waiting on the other side. It could be disappointment and heartbreak. It could be elation. It could be a mix of those things as you discover more about the person you’re infatuated with.



Release Date:

July 26, 2017


Written by David Andrew Wiebe © 2017

David Andrew Wiebe – Vocals, Electric Guitar, Programming

Produced by David Andrew Wiebe
Recorded by David Andrew Wiebe
Mixed and mastered by David Andrew Wiebe

Mixed, mastered, and recorded at Red Flame Studios, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Artwork and design by David Andrew Wiebe


She has long dark hair
Goes around like she doesn’t care
She loves to dance at night
Fun is always top of mind

You can’t tell me it’s not right
You can’t tell me it’s not time
Don’t believe in what you say
Your eyes give it away

She looks at me with those eye
And I can’t lie – I like it just fine
Daydreams take me far away
But if nothing else I’ve still got this moment

Alternate Chorus:
I can’t speak for you
But I think I know the truth
Can’t stop thinking about you
And I think you feel the same

She just hasn’t caught up with me yet
But I guess you can’t just sit and wait
At the same I could care less who else is out there

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