Don't Wait Too Long - David Andrew Wiebe

Don’t Wait Too Long

David Andrew Wiebe

  • Release 2016
  • Genre Power Pop

I’ve been influenced by artists and bands in a variety of different genres. You might have heard of a little group called They Might Be Giants. They were underground for many, many years, but entered public consciousness when their song “Boss of Me” was chosen for the popular sitcom, Malcolm in the Middle. In any case, I’ve watched the TMBG documentary – called Gigantic (A Tale of Two Johns) a number of times, and in one part they’re shown working on a song called “Man, It’s So Loud in Here.” Well, I liked how the verse was so sparse and how the chorus was so intense. I wanted to do something like that. So I wrote the melody and chorus for “Don’t Wait Too Long” a few years ago. Finally, I dug it up from the archives, wrote the verses, added in some guitar, and presto, you have the 80s Power-Pop insanity that is “Don’t Wait Too Long.”


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Release Date:

August 23, 2016


Written by David Andrew Wiebe © 2016

David Andrew Wiebe – Vocals, Electric Guitar, Programming

Produced by David Andrew Wiebe
Recorded by David Andrew Wiebe
Mixed and mastered by David Andrew Wiebe

Mixed, mastered, and recorded at Red Flame Studios, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Artwork and design by David Andrew Wiebe


What was the step you took
That led you down into darkness?
What was the lie that you believed
That put you in a pit of despair?

And still you say
You can’t relate

They say don’t wait too long
For a miracle to come
Nothing’s ever going to change
They say don’t waste your time
Putting faith in a lie
But I believe in you

Tangled in a trap of your own making
There’s no escaping your web of lies
There’s nowhere to run, nowhere to hide anymore
Everyone can hear your cry for help

Alternate Chorus:
They say it’s just too late
There is no way
Nothing’s ever going to change
They say there is no hope
No, you can’t sit and wait
But I believe in you

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