Music Entrepreneur HQ Update: November 4, 2022

by | Nov 4, 2022 | Video

There are a ton of new developments at Music Entrepreneur HQ.

In this video, David gets us caught up with some of the most exciting developments and opportunities for independent musicians, professors, executives, entrepreneurs, and more.

New Menu

Many people coming to our website for the first time are landing on one of our blog posts. That being the case, they’re not necessarily seeing the many opportunities we have available here at Music Entrepreneur HQ.

Our new menu focuses a little less on the content side of things (you can still find everything under the blog tab), while emphasizing things like:

  • Free resources (more to come)
  • Books
  • Newsletters
  • Courses
  • Academy

We’re still in the process of developing many new pages.

If you are ever taken to Content Marketing Musician through any of our links, know that it’s safe and under our jurisdiction. Also see an earlier post:

Is Content Marketing Musician Owned by Music Entrepreneur HQ?

New Free Resources

While not covered in the video, we do have plans of adding, replacing, and updating resources that have been temporarily removed from the website.

For instance, we used to have a Neil Patel style guide on 55 Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Music Blog. We’ll be updating and adding this resource again soon.

New Blog Page

As of this writing, this is still a work in progress. We’ll be adding a sidebar so you can more easily find what you’re looking for.

Elite Players: Newsletter

Our print newsletter is finally here!

We didn’t want to launch with just the newsletter, though, so we launched with two new books as well:

  • The Music Entrepreneur Companion Guide (the Kindle version is already available, and we’re ironing out some kinks with the paperback and hardcover versions as we speak)
  • The Renegade Musician (anticipated launch date is December 1, 2022)

But this isn’t all the newsletter comes with if you’re one of the early adopters. To learn more, visit the info page.

Also see a recent blog update:

New Book & Newsletter Available