Monthly Hustle: November 2021

by | Nov 15, 2021 | News

The Monthly Hustle is where I document the activity that unfolds over the course of a month.

Many of these topics will be discussed in a future podcast episode – the outcome of our experiments, how our humanitarian efforts are coming along, projects we’re working on, initiatives to help you in your music career, interesting content we’ve found, and more.

Here’s what happened in November!

Last updated: December 2, 2021.

Podcast Episodes

Here are the podcast episodes we published for the month of November:

We’re a little behind on the episodes, but we’re working out all the kinks right now to get them delivered to you lickety-split!

Blog Posts

In case you didn’t know, i publish in a couple of different places. Here are the main ones you’ll be interested in:

Music Entrepreneur HQ

Here are the blog posts we published in the month of November:

David Andrew Wiebe

The best stuff from my blog always makes its way over here (onto Music Entrepreneur HQ), or into a book, but if you’d like to see how my thoughts have been developing, you can always check out these posts.

Here are the blog posts we published in the month of November:

Next Book: The Music Entrepreneur Code – 2022 Edition

The Music Entrepreneur Code – 2022 Edition is almost done! I just need to do a bit of formatting, prepare the Kindle edition, and we’ll be ready to launch.

I don’t want to jynx myself by announcing when it will be available, but I would certainly like to have it ready to go by December…

Next Book: The Music Entrepreneur Companion Guide

There’s a second book that’s nearing completion…

As I was building out the bonus content for The Music Entrepreneur Code sales funnel, I had the idea of creating something called The Music Entrepreneur Code Insights.

The idea was to develop a resource that would offer action steps, case studies, examples, and insights that would take the fuzziness out of the real-life practicalities of applying the knowledge within. After all, The Music Entrepreneur Code is a no B.S., no-nonsense, succinct guide to impacting more fans. That’s its strength as well as its weakness.

Then I realized that I wasn’t writing Insights, I was writing a Companion Guide. Because this book is perfectly complementary to all the others I’ve already written.

I’m over 25,000 words into the Companion Guide already, and full disclosure, I have been blogging the entire book over at David Andrew Wiebe over the course of the last couple of months. I probably have another month or so to go before I’m done.

I haven’t set up pre-orders yet, but that’s coming.

Next Book: Flashes of Elation?

I’ve had some questions about Flashes of Elation, so here’s the lowdown.

Free Training: Music Money Machine

Every musician has music. Most musicians release it on streaming platforms.

There are a couple of critical problems with digital distribution though.

The first is that trying to make a living on streaming royalties is like dumpster diving for a tiny flake of gold. You need roughly a million streams just to make a living wage!

The second is that standing out from the crowd is a monumental undertaking. And there’s no way to earn more per stream than anyone else. On a platform like Spotify, you’re like one tiny product in the dark corner of a giant warehouse!

The answer? The answer is Music Money Machine.

Get this free training if you want to transform how you look at making an income in music, cut through the noise, and shortcut the path to earning a living from your passion.

FREE training: Music Money Machine

Elite Players: All Access Pass

Elite Players: All Access Pass

Elite Players: All Access Pass is our premium online academy for musicians.

If you’ve read the blog posts, listened to the podcast, watched the videos, and engaged in my books or courses and wondered what your next step might be, this is it.

Elite Players is the juice! Just as the name says, it’s an All Access Pass to all our trainings, systems, templates and swipe files, a members only forum, and plenty of other members only bonuses. You will be challenged, you will be guided, and you will grow in your music career!

This might be your final opportunity to claim your spot inside the academy at the current price.

So, learn more about Elite Players: All Access Pass now.

Or try the 14-day $1 trial (it costs $100 per month after).

And for more courses, you can go here.

Members Only Audios

Members Only Audios

I talked a little bit about this HERE.

Members Only Audios was originally only available to members of Elite Players: All Access Pass. And now it’s available as a standalone module!

You can learn more here.

Music: The Nobody Prayer (Original Soundtrack)

Launched at the end of October, The Nobody Prayer (Original Soundtrack) has won three awards and has sent my streams through the roof! It’s not massive or anything (yet), but I never would have thought this would be the release that would help me eke out an existence on streaming platforms.

Thanks to all who’ve listened. If you’ve listened already, listen again. 😉 And if you haven’t listened yet, now’s the time!

The Nobody Prayer (Original Soundtrack)

Next Release: Back on Solid Ground

I’ve officially begun work on one of my Duke Nukem Forever / Chinese Democracy projects, Back on Solid Ground, whose original anticipated release was 2008 / 2009. It’s time to get this sucker done, and I will be working on it over the course of this next quarter.

Musical History

It’s time to put my money where my mouth is. And that means tying up loose ends, even those I’ve sat with for a long time.

So, I went to work on my Musical History and finally got it to a point where it’s semi-comprehensive. I had the dates stored away in a few different places, so I had to dig everything up, create a new page from scratch, and load it all up into one place. It was a big project, and it will need to be updated ongoingly, but I’m excited to have finally tied up a loose end.

Music Entrepreneur HQ Spotify Playlists

I had the idea to set up Music Entrepreneur HQ Spotify playlists quite a while ago, but I’m happy to report I finally put my butt into gear to launch our first playlist. The month is only half over, though, which means there’s still plenty of time left for us to begin creating our next playlist.

Music Entrepreneur HQ Pop Mix

You can find the new playlist here.

Music Entrepreneur HQ Pop MixOur playlist so far:

  1. Fight For You Sarah Tolle
  2. Don’t Think About It (Tequila Sunrise) Timmy Boom Bap & The Blazing Eraz
  3. Hope David Andrew Wiebe
  4. Free As The WInd MsMauz

If you’d like to be on it, 1) you should have a song that fits the mix, and 2) you should be willing to share and promote the playlist at least once every two weeks. Get in touch and let me know.

Press & Media

This month, we’ve been featured on:

Humanitarian Efforts: Sahakarini

Over the course of the last two quarters, my team and I successfully raised $2,314.97.

Over half of this balance has already been paid out, but if you’d like to follow along with our weekly and ongoing donations, you can go here.

Publishing Experiment: CloutPub

At Music Entrepreneur HQ, we spend about 20% of our time experimenting, trying new platforms, looking into new sources of traffic and revenue, and so on.

I published my first article on CloutPub the other week, and for a moment, I thought it had earned a bit of money (cryptocurrency).

I published my second piece today, thinking that I’d found a platform worth pouring myself into, only to discover no one had even looked at my first article.

So, now I’m second guessing myself a bit. But if you’d like to see this experiment continue, then leave a comment and let me know your thoughts.

Here are the articles I’ve published so far:

Update: With zero views and zero engagement on the content, we quickly abandoned this project to focus on other initiatives.

Want Me to Play Guitar on Your Next Track?

Notice how I’m not shy about promoting the works I’m involved in with social media posts, blog posts, podcast episodes, PR, playlists, ads, and more?

Well, if you want to get the same treatment for your next release, it might be to your advantage to hire me as the guitarist for your next release.

Yes, the service isn’t free. But I promise to make it affordable and worthwhile.

If you’re interested, get in touch (put the word “guitar” in the subject line of your email please).