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Most of the time, we rely on the past to inform present decisions.

But if you’ve spent any time in personal development, then you’ve probably heard something along these lines before:

The past is a bad way to measure how your present or future is going to play out.

This is both true and false.

It’s true because your future doesn’t have to look like your past did.

It’s false because most of us wake up and re-presence ourselves to our past. So, living as we always have becomes a habit. And it becomes a process of choosing from what’s “safe”, an increasingly smaller pool of decisions as life progresses.

Any thoughts we reinforce through repetition crystallize into emotion and are then stored in our body.

Have you ever woken up from a night’s rest to find your mind is clear, only to become aware of all your problems, one by one, all over again?

So, what happened there? Did your problems go away while you were sleeping? Did you make them your problems again by reminding yourself of them?

As it turns out, it wouldn’t be too much of an exaggeration to say that’s exactly what happened!

So, we go through our day reminding ourselves of the past, making past-based decisions. Since 95% of our thoughts are automatic, it must be so.

Now, it’s easy to justify past-based decisions.

“When I did X, Y happened, and that resulted in Z, which I never want in my life again.”

And that’s fine if:

“When I touched the stove, it hurt, and that resulted in a burn, which I never want in my life again.”

This past-based thinking is serving you.

But it doesn’t quite work out when it’s:

“When I got into a relationship, we ended up breaking up, and that resulted in a painful divorce, which I never want in my life again.”


“When I invested in a business, it ended up tanking, and that resulted in me losing all my money, which I never want in my life again.”

X doesn’t automatically mean Y or Z, virtually ever.

The outcomes aren’t automatic. Because let’s face it – the more thoughts like these we stack onto each other, the safer life becomes. The safer life becomes, the fewer risks or chances we take. The past becomes the present, and then the present becomes the future.

We do have a choice in the matter though.

As Dr. Joe DIspenza says, we can program ourselves to remind ourselves of the future rather than the past.

But… how do we remind ourselves of the future? By creating it.

How do we remind ourselves of the future? By creating it. Click To Tweet

As it turns out, the process of thinking about our past, or imagining future events are both interpreted the same by the mind and the body.

I’m seeing the value of making future-based decisions in my own life.

I’m taking chances I wouldn’t normally take. And I’m seeing opportunities I wasn’t present to before.

Concepts that I didn’t understand, or mistakes I wasn’t conscious to are becoming clearer.

That’s another powerful byproduct of understanding your programming. You can identify areas for improvement without much effort.

Basically, when you’re clear on where you’re headed, the steps you need to take to get to where you want to go become near unconscious.

Dr. Dispenza’s meditations have proven crucial in helping me get to this point. And it’s only been about a week since I started. There’s so much more to unlock.

But if you’re confident in your future, you can make choices that are better aligned with your goals. Choices that may have seemed risky or chancy based on your past, but choices that will guide you to where you want to go.

After all, who said getting to where you wanted to go would be all smooth sailing? The only thing we know for sure is an adventure is about to unfold. And isn’t it better to feel alive than to be stuck in your “safe” behaviors and habits?

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