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I believe I was in grade four when I first became aware of Garou Densestsu. I was already partial to fighting games, having been exposed to Street Fighter II years earlier.

How ever similar, Garou Densetsu did bring its own flare and style to the genre. Ultimately, though the series sort of got swallowed up by The King of Fighters, I think I ended up liking Garou Densetsu more than Street Fighter. The characters were unique and memorable, and I really liked the special moves of characters like Terry, Andy and Kim Kaphwan as well.

Of course, one character that a young, impressionable boy wasn’t likely to forget was the scantily clad, colorful female Ninja in the form of Mai Shiranui. Fighting games had certainly used females in this manner before, but it wasn’t long after the emergence of Mai that the sexualization of fighting games became all the more extreme.

That’s a bit of a heavy subject and might be a good topic for another time. Regardless, with my ongoing sketching habits, I decided that I wanted to challenge myself. I can draw just about anything, but with a lot of my early work as an artist (I practically started drawing and painting out of the womb), it became pretty apparent that there was an utter lack of female drawings. Every boy goes through a period where he is obsessed with heroes, and that’s what my work portrayed most of the time.

Anyway, I decided to keep my Mai drawing here just to her head and shoulders. I will probably do more full body sketches in the future, but I don’t really see myself drawing a scantily clad woman merely for the sake of tantalization.

Mai Shiranui from Garou Densetsu