Life Update: November 2020

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You know what time it is, don’t you? It’s time for another excellent life update (said with my best Bill & Ted impression)!

Trauma is hell on earth. Trauma resolved is a gift from the gods. – Peter A. Levine

After spending months couped up in the same basement suite, I managed to squeeze in a bit of a break and even a little (safe and cautious) travel in November. Let’s dive right in.

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November 2020 in Brief


In some ways, November couldn’t have come soon enough.

I had originally planned to take some time off at the end of October but ended up holding out until the top of November as I needed to get a few things sorted out.

For the most part, taking time off this year has meant staying put (for obvious reasons). Between March and June, I was staying in Calgary at a friend’s house. I took a much-needed break in April, but of course, it was in a basement, where I did most of my work.

In November, I drove about five hours northeast to Vernon, BC, for a two-week break at a motel.

I have always found immense value in changing environment ever so often. Honestly, if I don’t, I can start to feel a little crazy. After all, I work almost entirely from home and have been doing that since 2016.

For the most part, I kept indoors and didn’t venture out. If I did, it was just to the local grocery store or a restaurant. Once I arrived in Vernon, I realized just how tired I still was, despite taking it a little easier in September and October.

So, that was that. I knew I would need to spend the two weeks wisely, which mostly meant lying in bed.

Reflection Time in Vernon

My intention was to spend some time reading, thinking, reflecting, and journaling. I also wanted to talk to my mentors. All of which I did to lesser or greater degrees.

Again, most of my time there was spent resting. But I’ve shared elsewhere about my key takeaways, so it seems indulgent to go on about them here.

To summarize, I got a little clearer on my direction, and I am also embracing my identity in a more meaningful way.

Getting Back into the Groove

My two weeks in Vernon came to an end rather rapidly. It does not diminish the time spent there or the clarity gained. And again, it was nice to have a change of scenery.

Of course, after every break, there is always something to return to. And it was time for me to return to my work here on Music Entrepreneur HQ as well as my staff writing duties at Music Industry How To.

It seems two weeks off did some good for Music Entrepreneur HQ, even though I didn’t publish anything for three weeks. Affiliate sales started happening again. Books started selling again.

And I attribute most of this growth to getting out of a frustration cycle – something we all experience at times.

The trip home, however, was treacherous to say the least. The roads between Princeton and Hope were slushy, and it was raining besides.

This would not have been a big deal if you could see the lanes, and if both lanes were safe to drive on. But for the most part, they weren’t. You were best served following the well-worn path in the middle, where other drivers had already gone.

This would have been danger enough. But amid all that, transport trucks were passing, speeding by, kicking up blinding amounts of slush on other people’s windshields, and taking off like they were entitled, without confirming anyone’s safety.

Sadly, this is the wont of BC drivers, but seriously. I think we should be a little more careful on those roads. They do not belong to truck drivers.

Rant: Don’t Make Me Laugh

I’ve seen some memes going around saying “talking about music is like dancing around architecture.” My life work has been sharing my musical and entrepreneurial journey and helping musicians and creatives create the life they love through music.

If you deem this superfluous or unnecessary, fine, I will not count it for loss. I will find something else to do and I have the capacity to do so, but I have always believed that anyone in any competitive space, creativity, business, sports, or otherwise, benefits from tips and advice, open discussion, guidance, and coaching.

I think talking about music is more vital than ever. We need bloggers, reviewers, journalists, magazines, newspapers, podcasters, YouTubers, and all publications talking about music. And we need it now. We drastically underestimate the power, reach, and traffic some of these publications get. Musicians should get their fair share of the pie and they should get it, not because of a sense of entitlement, but as result of deserving it.

And we need more music and discussions about music than ever – covering every shade of topic, belief, and political perspective imaginable. We need music celebrating the times we’re in. We need music protesting the times we’re in. We need music that expresses the pain of depression and isolation. The world should be saturated with meaningful, thought-provoking music that guides people, challenges people, and allows people to interpret and understand the times we’re in, right or wrong.

We need more music and discussions about music than ever. Share on X

We should have assenting and dissenting opinions. We should not celebrate a closed system. We should not take our rights and freedoms for granted. We should be allowed to share what we honestly think is going on. We should be allowed to share our version of truth, as we see it, even if we are wrong.

And that should unite us, not divide us. Differences should be appreciated and loved. Common ground should be established. We should not wish for another to die, no matter how much we disagree with them. At the end of the day, most of us want what’s best for everyone involved, I promise. It’s just that we’ve failed to recognize the goodness that exists on either side of the so-called political spectrum.

Do not stop making music. Do not give up on music. We need it more than ever. We should not stop talking about music either. And I’m not saying we need to go on and on about theory, and chord progressions, and what guitars you’re using. That’s not the point. Talking about music is important because it’s a vital artform. And it expresses things that cannot otherwise be expressed. It expresses the invisible. The movement of culture and of life. The voice that has no expression.

Keep debates. But stop arguments. Understand the importance of these times, and the urgency of them. This is not a time to hold back. This is not a time to give up. This is not a time to give in. You’ve got something to say, and what cannot be said in the written or spoken word can be said in music. But they are both important.

Talking about music is not dancing around architecture. It’s exposure. It’s empowerment. It’s hope. And right now, we need hope.

Talking about music is not dancing around architecture. It’s exposure. It’s empowerment. It’s hope. And right now, we need hope. Share on X

New Music in November 2020

Spirit Searcher, Vol. 1 is still my latest (collaborative) release.

Spirit Searcher, Vol. 1

As always, I appreciate your support. You can listen on Spotify or purchase a CD on Amazon.

You can also get the CD version of my No Escape EP on Amazon.

New Podcast Episodes in November 2020

As noted, November was not a big month in terms of content, but the following podcast episode went live at the end of the month:

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Medium Stats November 2020

My Medium traffic in November was steady, but not on the up and up as it had been in October. But October was a bit of an anomaly.

As I sit here typing this in December, I’m finally beginning to figure out the “trick” with Medium, if there is one, and to that extent, I have a better strategy and a more consistent habit overall.

As always, I appreciate you following me on Medium and tapping the “clap” button a few times on my stories. It helps a lot, even if you don’t read every story in its entirety.

Thanks for your support.

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Final Thoughts

And now we are caught up with life updates. Of course, December is already halfway over, so I will be back with another one soon.

I hope you had an excellent November, and if not, I wish you a better December.

Stay safe and don’t forget to leave a comment.