Life Lived in Bullets

by | Apr 6, 2021 | Personal Development

Most articles, guides, eBooks, books, and even courses can be boiled down to a few bullets.

Even this blog post can be summarized in a few bullets.

In a world where we over-complicate and over-explain everything, this realization can hit you like a bolt of inspiration. Begone, information overwhelm.

It’s not that we don’t need long, descriptive paragraphs to get a concept.

It’s not that a book isn’t a useful tool in helping you stay with an idea long enough to understand it in depth and to have greater realizations.

But we don’t remember most of what we read anyway. So, if we want to retain what we read, if we think it’s going to be any value to us, we should be thinking about whittling what we read down to its key elements.

If we’re reading just for fun or entertainment, then it’s okay that we forget it.

But if what we’re reading is going to impact our careers, or help us be more efficient in our businesses, or cause breakthrough results in our projects, we should take notes.

Maybe it’s a list of tools to check out. Or a few action steps we plan to take. Or a few quotes we liked that we might want to reference later.

As I’ve been watching my business coach in action lately, it struck me that he has a knack for checklists and mind maps.

So, when you’re able to organize a large amount of information and chip away at it until you’re left with just the pieces that make a difference, you have information that’s easy to remember and share.

And the benefits are obvious. You can use this information in blog posts. You can share it with your team. You can present it in front of an audience. You can turn it into a product. It continues to take on additional utility until it’s completely obvious or outdated.

This is not a methodology that makes articles, books, and courses obsolete. It’s a survival skill. It helps you remember and retain key learnings. It helps you action and implement. It helps you avoid unnecessary distractions that take you away from the steps and projects you’ve already committed to.

Try living life in bullets. See what happens.

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